With a passion for the art of singing and songwriting deeply rooted since early childhood, Leena’s world doesn’t offer a place for blind preconceptions and groundless judgments. The Bulgarian r&b singer oscillates between neo-soul and modern r&b. Influenced by the likes of Sabrina Claudio, FKA Twigs, Snoh Aalegra, her soulful vocal style and touching lyricism resemble a perfect balance between delicacy and presence.

Leena’s musical path began with singing lessons at the renowned Bulgarian “Voice Academy”, where she found home every day after high school classes. Following her university studies of Popular Music in the UK, Leena met Kamen – another prominent name in the up-and-coming beat scene in Bulgaria and now all around the world. Together they worked on the groove-infused and soulful “Sooner or Later” EP as a final university project. After her participation in The Voice of Bulgaria TV show, she began working with the notorious hip-hop producer on the local scene Gena, with whom she finished up the mixing of “Assumptions” – an elegantly smooth r&b single, set to release via Stereofox Records on August 12th, 2021.

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