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Record Label, Publisher & Artist-Centered Creative Agency

After building our Stereofox community and supporting artists for over 10 years, starting this label felt like the next logical step. This was the last missing piece of the puzzle.

We’ve expanded our label services and offer Publishing to a number of selected artists.

We want to follow the same principles of professionalism and integrity we follow when writing features or working with artists.

We always put artists’ needs and interests first. We are proud of what we do, and we do it with a positive mindset.

stereofox artist agency music services

What do we do? .


    to match artist's strategy and utilize multiple channels


    to maxime artists' potential


    conceptualization & creation


    strategy, management & implementation


    utilizing our network and community

We started Stereofox because of our love for music, eagerness to learn, and the joy of helping others. These things are still in motion and we’re excited to continue our path with the label.

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"For me personally, finding my home at Stereofox hasn't just helped me get my music out around the world, it has allowed me to surround myself with a team of like-minded people that really care about what I'm doing, believe in me and my work, always encouraging me to be the best artist I can be."Matthew Zouhar Lewis AKA Mazoulew


"Stereofox is run by a group of people who are extremely passionate and enthusiastic music-lovers. The support provided is professional, thoughtful and impactful.

Driven by an ethos that places music at the centre of everything they do, Stereofox are well worth getting to know."Jake Brown AKA Handbook


"I've been a huge fan of Stereofox for a long time and getting to work with them via their label has been a great experience for me. The team exceeded expectations on all releases and they genuinely look out for the artist's best interest.

They are organized, provide you with creative tools, and have a vision for getting the music out there in front of new listeners!"Ryan Lindberg AKA Koresma

We’ve developed as professionals, but this is just the beginning. We want to guide artists on their creative path and use our Stereofox community to help them grow.

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The level of comfort of our merch is comparable to listening to Bonobo’s early albums, while laying down on a green meadow somewhere far, far away. Beyond imaginable.

Vinyl, tote bags, sweatshirts, all beautifully branded with our foxy logo.

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