A DIY Record Label

created by people who live and breathe music

We are Stereofox

adding the last piece of the puzzle

After building our community and supporting artists for over 5 years, starting Stereofox Records felt like the next logical step.

The idea is to continue following the same principles of professionalism & integrity we follow when writing our features or work with artists as part of our Creative Agency.¬†Always putting artists’ needs and interests first, be proud of what we do and do things with a positive mindset.

This project was built out of love for music, the desire to learn and because of the happiness helping people brings us. All of those are still in motion and we are excited to continue our path. We’ve learnt a lot and have grown as professionals, but this is just the beginning. We believe that utilizing our skills when it comes to creative direction, our solid community and network can create synergy and result in something awesome.

  • Distribution

    across all digital platforms

  • Branding

    support with creative direction

  • Visuals

    conceptualization & creation

  • Marketing

    strategy, management & implementation

  • Promotion

    utilizing our network and community