“Labyrinth of the Subconscious is one of my dearest projects and also my debut album – I’m so happy it lived such a full life. Now, I’m stoked to present you Labyrinth Remixed, reimagined by an amazing selection of artists – including winners of Native Instrument’s Metapop Remix competition.”


“When I heard Leena’s beautiful a cappella, I had an epiphany. Vocals called this beat. I made it all at once without thinking about the details.”

Haltak @ satellites

“I wanted to recreate the track that was a move away from the R&B vibe of the original. A Verdance interpretation strips away the cleaner, electronic arrangement and drums to give way to a more organic sound, inspired by artists such as Jacana People, Bonobo, and Mazoulew. I felt that the inclusion of orchestral arrangements such as strings and harps would lend the track a grander atmosphere, whereas the addition of low, growling synths would add an element of tension.”


The remix’s inclination towards expressing thoughtful and emotional dance vibes largely balance out the original’s laid back sound. MOZAMBIQUE recycles Leena’s spectral voice to a new sound that’s at once climatic, melancholy and danceable. The synth-drenched remix takes the high road to a vivacious groove at 123 bpm.


I felt really blessed and excited to work on this remix of the incredibly talented Leena’s track ‘Don’t Panic’. As soon as I’d heard the original, I became enamoured with the vocal and the style and message of it. Once I got the parts, I crafted an original sample that built on some jazz chords but left enough space for the vocal to be the real highlight. I added a bouncy bass to give it some groove and inject some danceability despite the delicate nature of the vocal and chords. For me, like with most of the remixes I do, it was really all about balancing the vibe of the original while adding some dreamy bounce to it all.


“When I was approached for this remix project this track (Body) stood out to me immediately as something I could reshape and give some bounce! Leena’s vocal works perfectly across multiple feels and tempos and I feel this remix has demonstrated that perfectly.”


“Recreating this track into a more deep and melodic kind of way was an absolut pleasure. The RnB styled vocals by Leena were a great inspiration and basis for this progressive interpretation.”


“For me, it was the vocals. I wanted to create a track that would allow the vocals to shine.”




[ Key Achievements ]

  • Leena was chosen for the cover of TIDAL: Global Rising
  • Kamen & Gena (producers of the album) were part of the Bulgarian Beat Wave vol. 1 compilation, featured on BBC 1, CLASH Magazine, Bandcamp frontpage, KCRW
  • sold-out vinyl campaign for Leena’s debut album Labyrinth of the Subconscious – distributed worldwide via Fat Beats
  • remix competition of Labyrinth of the Subconscious hosted on Native Instruments’ platform Metapop
  • Labyrinth of the Subconscious was selected Qrates album of the week (+ artist spotlight interview)
  • previously supported on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals & New Music Daily Romania
  • Spotify editorial Keep Listening: Sofar’s Listening Room
  • Spotify Codes campaign in 4 cities across Europe for Labyrinth of the Subconscious
  • Leena is the only Bulgarian artist part of Sofar Sounds Global
  • Leena & Kamen’s “Don’t Panic” was featured on COLORS – https://colorsxstudios.com/music
  • radio play on BBC 1, KCRW, Soho Radio London, Rinse.FM, Bulgarian National Radio, NOVA.FM Porto
  • featured on R&B Nation’s YT (700K+)
  • editorial support from EARMILK, Going Solo,Sidekick Music, ElectroWow, Iggy Magazine, Acid Stag
  • curator support – Ones To Watch, R&B Only, Vokall Records, Topsify, Double J, Show & Tell, CloudKid, Axel Tanner (800k TikTok followers), afterhours., The Jazz Hop Café

[ Praise ]

  • “ethereal melodic runs with an eclectic approach”EARMILK
  • “multi-layered and imaginative musical worlds”Qrates
  • “Stunning Neo-Soul/R&B”Sidekick Music
  • “very daydreamy”Acid Stag
  • “She’s been making waves since the start of her career”ElectroWow

Leena – Labyrinth Remixed

Release Date : March 10, 2023
Artist : Kamen

[ Schedule ]
Dec 2nd – Don’t Panic (SUN/MGNETK Remix)
Jan 11th – Body (MÒZÂMBÎQÚE Remix)
Feb 1st – Mad Dreams (Haltak @ satellites Remix)
Feb 17th – Don’t Panic (Verdance Remix)
Mar 10th – Labyrinth Remixed

[ Genres ]
electronica, house, progressive house, downtempo, future beats

[ Similar Artists ]
Satin Jackets, Bondax, Poolside, Bonobo, Barry Can’t Swim, il:lo, Frameworks, Emancipator, Ekkah

[ Release Info ]
After a rich & full life – including press, radio & playlist support, Leena’s debut album Labyrinth of the Subconscious celebrates its 1-year-anniversary with a remix album – Labyrinth Remixed.

4 of the most successful tracks – “Body”, “Mad Dreams”, “Vertigo” & “Don’t Panic” received makeovers in various electronic genres by a range of artists – some of Stereofox Records’ frequent collaborators and the winners of the remix competition, hosted on Native Instruments’ platform Metapop.

Remixers include Verdance (BBC 1, Spotify’s Lounge – Soft House, Chill Tracks, Amazon Music’s Neon Chill), TURNA (Soulection Radio, BBC 1Xtra, New Music Friday Canada), Paklite (Apple’s BEATstrumentals, Spotify’s Mellow Beats), MÒZÂMBÎQÚE (Spotify’s Chill Tracks, Coffee Club, NMF Norway, collabs with SYML, il:lo & Sebastian Davidson), Haltak @ satellites (projects with Nintendo Switch), SUN/MGNETK (supported by Majestic Casual), as well as a number of emerging acts – tomics, Alchemorph, Warren Evy Ittah Curry, Berry-tone – winners from Native Instruments’ remix competition on Metapop.

[ Artist Bio ]
Leena is one of the fast-growing names in the Bulgarian thriving r&b scene. Her debut album Labyrinth of the Subconscious was featured on TIDAL, Apple Music, Sofar Sounds Global, Soho Radio, as well as distributed on vinyl worldwide via Fat Beats. She’s also been supported by numerous curators like COLORS, R&B Nation, Ones To Watch, R&B Only, Sidekick Music, CloudKid & more.

Kamen & Gena, the producers of the original record, have 10+ years of experience in music production and numerous successful projects & collaborations. They were also part of the highly-acclaimed Bulgarian Beat Wave, vol. 1 compilation of Stereofox, featured on CLASH Magazine, BBC Radio 1, KCRW, Soho Radio London, and Apple’s BEATstrumentals.

A range of established & emerging artists joined the Labyrinth Remixed album – Verdance, MÒZÂMBÎQÚE, TURNA, SUN/MGNETK, Paklite & more, plus winners from remix competition on Native Instruments’ platform Metapop, to show their unique interpretations.