Pablo, born & raised in Grand Rapids, MI stirs up tasty pots of old-school boom-bap hip-hop with spicy funk/soul samples. A self-taught drummer from the age of 12, he then progressed through high school and college playing drums in a heavy metal band called “Look Left Swing Right” from 2007 until 2017. In 2011 he started fooling around on Ableton Live making beats and once the band split in 2017 his focus shifted to hip-hop. In his studio in Grand Rapids, MI he constantly finds himself digging through old vinyl records and scouring the internet for old rare gems to find sounds & samples that inspire him.

The signature sound of the artist is not the only memorable feature. In fact, one of the most unique aspects is his artist name. In a 1985 police chase drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II was on the run with containers of cocaine, which he dropped from a plane above a forest. Instead of cocaine worth tens of millions of dollars though, police found just 40 open containers and a dead black bear. The animal had feasted on the entire load and died of an overdose. The “Cocaine Bear”, later nicknamed “Pablo Eskobear” sure knew how to party! The music producer adopted the moniker as a darkly humorous way to carry on the legendary greatness of the animal.

With the drum-driven hip-hop beats, he thrives to craft songs that can stand on their own as hard-hitting instrumentals. Five of those can be found on the Pool Parties EP, set to release via Stereofox Records on September 14th, 2021.