I’ve always been inspired by artists such as Pretty Lights, and Boogie Belgique who take samples from as many different places as possible, mix them with live instruments and gel them together into one cohesive universe. I was really pushing myself in 2 different areas: collecting samples from as many different places as I could, as well as recording all live drums.

Pablo Eskobear

Pablo Eskobear

Pablo Eskobear

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Pablo Eskobear – Brass Class

Release Date : July 6, 2022

[ Genres ]
Jazzhop, instrumental hip hop

[ Artist Bio ]
A producer and drummer Pablo Eskobear’s passion for music started at the age of 12. The US music-maker played in a heavy metal band before switching to hip hop to craft his own music in 2017. Transitioning from the fiery metal drums to the more laid-back but still prominent hip hop percussion, Pablo takes a versatile approach, with his beats binding together boombap with funk and soul and other influences. In his studio in Grand Rapids, MI, he creates both standalone instrumentals and rap beats, while constantly digging through old vinyl records and scouring the internet for rare gems that would inspire his next tune.

The signature sound of the artist is not the only memorable feature. In fact, one of the most unique aspects is his artist name. In a 1985 police chase drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II was on the run with containers of cocaine, which he dropped from a plane above a forest. Instead of cocaine worth tens of millions of dollars though, police found just 40 open containers and a dead black bear. The animal had feasted on the entire load and died of an overdose. The “Cocaine Bear”, later nicknamed “Pablo Eskobear” sure knew how to party! The music producer adopted the moniker as a darkly humorous way to carry on the legendary greatness of the animal.

[ Release Info ]
After his first release with Stereofox Records last year – Pool Parties EP, it’s time for another drop, this time of the fresh single “Brass Class”. Combining a variety of brass instruments and samples, the producer crafted a dynamic jazz-inspired piece of a strong organic nature.
A mesmerizing sonic patchwork of both hand-picked samples and real-life instruments, the track encapsulates the mighty raw energy of both drums and horns.

The soul-inspired instrumental demonstrates some real musicianship, with Pablo managing to unite the samples he collected and the drums he played and recorded himself. The artist chose to go the hard way, investing time into digging for those samples and figuring out how to record the drums in order to produce that classy vintage flavour he was aiming for. Here’s what the artist shares regarding the track and his decision to incorporate real drums:

“It’s always easier to use drum samples as they’re ready to go, sound great and are easy to work with, but recording live drums definitely gives things a different vibe and this song definitely was calling for it, so I went all in. Making my drums sound “vintage”, to fit the oldschool soul vibe that I had going, took a little bit of tinkering with mic placement, vintage console emulators, and filtering, but in the end, I was pretty pumped about the sound. Part-way through making the track I realized I was sampling brass (horns), playing on a brass snare drum and hitting brass cymbals….hence the name.”