“Our newest tracks are a reflection of the hectic nature of everyday life. The uplifting sound tells the story of time passing by, the energy of the new mornings and new beginnings.

Ultimately, our music is both a getaway and a connection to the world. It’s a chance to escape the worries, but also a reminder that we’re all in this together. It’s a powerful and moving piece, and a true testament to the transformative power of music.

ymprl & Victor Aithen


Release Schedule: Apr 18th, 2023
Genres: Electronic

Bulgarian producers ymprl and Victor Aithen have tastefully blended their styles together for their upcoming EP Daydreaming – a project that stands out for its eclectic appeal.

The two producers are continuously regarded as rising stars within Bulgaria’s electronic scene, and so for many, this collaboration seemed like a long time coming. ymprl, who studied music production at BIMM Berlin, is currently a member of one of the most prestigious production schools in Bulgaria Sound Ninja, and is currently working with a number of artists in the local and international scene. Through the iconic Bulgarian Beat Wave vol. 1 compilation, he has also been featured on BBC Radio 1 and Apple Music’s Beatstrumentals. His co-pilot Victor Aithen has been nominated twice for the category of “Best Underground Producer” in Bulgaria thanks to his vibrant and glossy production aesthetic.

Both producers are influenced by titans such as Flume, Skrillex, Mr Carmack, and throughout Daydreaming and this is apparent, especially on the flamboyant closing track “Levitate”. The opening track however exhibits a different side to ymprl and Victor Aithen. On “Leap” (which is also the lead single) the pair take a detour into melodic house with an emotive, loungey-touch that’s bound to soothe the listener. ymprl and Victor Aithen dive into different styles on Daydreaming not only to showcase their variety of talents but also to reflect the hectic nature of everyday life.

The project comes out via Stereofox Records, and through their collaboration, they aim for an uplifting sound that tells the story of time passing by – the energy of the new mornings and new beginnings.



ymprl is an up-and-coming producer whose sound is anything but stale. Growing up with the sound of Mr Carmack, ESTA, and Flume, he merges the vibrancy of future bass with lush melodies to create an alluring experimental bounce that’s hard to classify.

  • Featured on BBC Radio 1 (for "Carefree" from Bulgarian Beat Wave vol. 1)
  • Featured on Apple Music's BEATstrumentals, Lo-Fi Chill, Winter Chill, Chilling Out (Frostbite) and Today's Chill
  • 4M streams across streaming platforms
  • Added to 5k+ independent playlists and curators

Victor Aithen

Victor started his music journey 6 years ago. He grew up listening to EDM and was inspired by artists like Skrillex, Flume, deadmau5 and many more. He has always tried to make his songs sound unique and add his touch to them. Music is his getaway and he would love to take everyone on that journey with him. He was nominated for the category ”Best underground producer” in Bulgaria twice.

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