Alinea Remixed - Stereofox Label

“My goal was to pay hommage to my love for the music of the four remix artists and let them showcase their unique musical production styles in this project, to give new live to the original Alinea EP and turn it into something completely new through their work and creativity. Palladian, Rushkeys, eeph and Tenem, are all artists I got to connect with over the last few years and I quickly fell in love with their music.
Being given the chance to collaborate with such amazing people and talented musicians, was an incredible and memorable experience for me. They all transformed and elevated my songs into something I personally couldn’t even have thought of, creating a big variety of styles on the ep and a great overall listening experience.”



Release Schedule: Oct 27th - "Moss (PALLADIAN Remix)"

Dec 8th - "Anhaga (Rushkeys Remix)"

Jan 18th - Alinea EP (Remixed)
Genres: Electronic

With Alinea Remixed, we witness a rejuvenation of Mookee’s body of work courtesy of PALLADIAN, Rushkeys, eeph, and Tenem.

After collaborations with starlets like Equanimous and Skysia, Mookee has been seen as a rising star in the world of downtempo electronica. Furthermore, he has invited the trailblazers within his scene to breathe new life into the Alinea EP, which he initially released with Berlin-based label Stereofox back in July 2023.

To kick off the release of Alinea Remixed, PALLADIAN (previous collaborations with Tor and Frameworks) has reshaped the lead single “Moss” into an immersive journey ideal for relaxation. Their remix is a colorful experience showcasing their signature sound that blends organica with lush synths. Ever since PALLADIAN discovered Mookee’s brand of electronica, they’ve been genuine fans of his music – making their involvement in the project a full-circle moment for the duo.

This is followed by an uplifting rendition of “Anhaga” by notable Lithuanian producer Rushkeys. With over 150K streams across DSPs and his experience as a composer for movies and commercials, he brings a unique and diverse set of talents to this project. He has completely transformed “Anhaga” into an experience that’s brimming with a sense of vibrancy by virtue of the ethnic embellishments and the bright percussion.

German producers Tenem and eeph have exquisitely reimagined “Nasci” and “Times Without Rest” respectively, infusing breakbeat influences into the project. Their unique modifications add diverse flavors to the overall musical experience.

The release of Mookee’s beautifully made Alinea EP along with his vision for the remix project certainly propels him further in his career, and solidifies him as an artist to watch.



Coming from an instrument background (drums, guitar) Mookee’s music naturally comes together in a very organic sound. Recording drums, bass and guitar himself as well as working with different instrumentalists on e.g. strings, brass and woodwinds, he works mainly with his own source material, which creates his own memorable style.

  • Collaborations with Skysia and Equanimous
  • Support on 3k+ independent playlists
  • featured on the Freio Music Podcast

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