“An atmospheric chillhop track with some lofi elements that exudes a sublime and cool relaxing vibe. The recording process was a labor of love, meticulously crafting each element to create a seamless blend of soothing melodies and a nodding beat. I hope that this release brings a sense of calm and bliss to all who listen.”

Bequem & LOKY


Release Schedule: Apr 25th - "Flying Apart"
Genres: Beats, Lofi

A captivating Germany-via-Austria collaboration between Bequem and LOKY – two talented producers and multi-instrumentalists who have enamored countless lofi/beat fans worldwide.

The new sonic experience, titled “Flying Apart” beautifully melds together jazzy brass work, courtesy of LOKY, ethereal guitars, and laid-back beats thanks to Bequem, perfect for chilling in the first days of Spring.



German music producer Bequem is a one-of-a-kind artist who specializes in creating music that blurs the lines between various styles. He was born in Cologne, where he still resides today. In late 2019, he discovered his love for lofi and created the alter ego Bequem. He still releases other genres under his different artist names and has a deep passion for music and the art of production.

  • Featured on Spotify playlists Jazz Vibes, Chillhop, Electro Chill, Focus Flow, and Feel Good Beats
  • Sitting on more than 420k+ monthly listeners on Spotify
  • More than 7.5 million streams on all DSPs combined


23-year-old Stefan Koller PKA Loky is an Austrian music producer and saxophonist LOKY (Stefan Koller) who started playing saxophone at the age of 8. He started producing music at the age of 17 and immediately fell in love with beat, lo-fi instrumental music ever since he created his first beat.

  • Over 14M Streams across DSPs
  • Editorial support on Spotify including selections like lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, lush lofi, and Focus Flow
  • Press coverage from local newspapers and TV

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