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Genres: Beats, Lofi

Signature D (aka Destin Beaumont) is a 23-year-old musician/producer from Trinidad and Tobago who currently resides in Baltimore, US. His style fuses vocal melodic motifs with vibey punchy hip-hop beats to create luscious lo-fi/chill-hop soundscapes. He started off on piano at a young age. His love for music grew and by the age of 13, he transitioned to playing the French horn. It wasn’t until his church hosted a workshop, that he was exposed to the world of music production. From that day, he became obsessed with creating and composing songs.

He has explored many genres, but he made the official transition to the chillhop/lo-fi world on Oct 22nd with his debut album Duvet.


  • 4M+ Streams across DSPs.
  • Currently sitting at 190K Monthly Listeners on Spotify
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The Inner Child LP

Signature D


Signature D

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