This album aims to reconnect with my inner self. After being numb to a lot of emotions for a long time and neglecting my mental health, producing music has really been my main outlet.

Signature D


Signature D

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  • 4M+ Streams across DSPs.
  • Currently sitting at 190K Monthly Listeners on Spotify
  • Previous editorial features on: lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, LoFi Garden, Focus Flow, lofi cafe, lush lofi, All-Nighter, Mellow Lo-Fi Morning, Chill Beats

Signature D – The Inner Child LP

Release Date : February 20, 2023

[ Schedule ]
January 6th – Mental
January 30th – Fortitude ft. Daniel Ryan
February 20th – The Inner Child

[ Genres ]
lo-fi, instrumental hip-hop, beats, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Axian, jives, Mood Boy

[ Artist Bio ]
Enter the world of Signature D. His elaborate style fuses cinematic, orchestral textures and beautiful harmonies with nuanced percussion to create both vivid and intimate soundscapes. His music has been featured on several official Spotify Editorial Playlists, including “lofi beats”, “LoFi Garden” and “Focus Flow”, “lush lofi”, “Jazz Vibes”, “Mellow lofi morning”, “lofi cafe”, “All Nighter”, “Mellow Lo-Fi Morning”, and “Chill Beats”. He has worked with a variety of labels in the lofi scene and has collaborated with artists such as Hewie Lou, Komachi, Yours Truly CC, Chelz Danielle, Ana Mancebo and Justin Dalisay.

[ Release Info ]

“The Inner Child” is about healing from the past. It is about acknowledging past traumas and accepting that the journey of healing takes time. It is also about falling in love with the journey of healing and coming to a resolution that our emotions are valid, and when not ignored, we can really transform into a better version of ourselves.

“Mental” – This song is about how easy it is to become avoidant. The strings represent the inner child deep within saying, maybe something isn’t okay. There is then a sharp juxtaposition to a funky beat. The two dynamics struggle for control.

“Fortitude” is an expression of confidence, swagger, and a carefree vibe. When I am most confident, having a good body image/self-image day, this is how I feel and how it is expressed musically.

“Lucidity” – Both me and the inner child begin on our journey. We explore different parts of ourselves and take them for what they are without judgement. I end up getting to know myself more and really enjoy it