Genres: Beats, Lofi

Beatmaker and photographer.

In the early stages of their artistic journey, the concept of his artist name was born from the simple notion of crafting the flipside of a track by creatively manipulating a sample. As time progressed, it transformed into more than just an idea; it became a defining identity. Unfazed by the significance of names, B-Side chose to embrace it, all while sharing a hearty laugh at the quirky path from concept to self.


  • 100M+ streams across DSPs
  • Support on 30+ Spotify editorials including  lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, and Jazztronica
  • 15+ years experience in making music
  • Added to TIDAL's In The Loop
  • Support by Apple Music on BEATstrumentals


Lush Blend EP

B-Side, TESK

take me to nowhere EP

B-Side, TESK

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Leena | Labyrinth of the Subconscious (12″ Vinyl)


Trombobby | Pause Vol. 1 (10" Vinyl)


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