Lush Blend EP - Stereofox Label

We have been trying to combine our roots from jazz orientated sample based hip hop with our approach working without samples over the last year and combine these different styles to a jazzy, soulful and funky EP.

B-Side & Tesk


Release Schedule: Nov 2nd, 2023 - "Light Air" ft pnkcitè
Nov 23rd, 2023 - "Fume" ft FLKS
Dec 14th, 2023 - Lush Blend EP
Genres: Beats, Lofi

German beatmaking veterans B-Side & Tesk make a comeback to Stereofox Records after their acclaimed take me to nowhere EP in 2022.

The new 5-song installment is called Lush Blend and, true to its name, it consists of warm compositions fusing jazz melodies, raw beatwork & groovy basslines that will surely captivate your senses.

The visual identity of the release is done in a ’90s magazine aesthetic, with poems/quotes about our relationship to nature. Lush Blend EP is about people speedrunning life without seeing the beauty – and hence, these 5 songs offer a temporary escape, a place for your head to rest.

The EP features 2 more talents, NYC producer pnkcitè on the 1st single “Light Air” & Berlin-based bassplayer & producer FLKS on the 2nd single “Fume”.



A beatmaker & photographer hailing from Darmstadt.

  • 100M+ streams across DSPs
  • Support on 30+ Spotify editorials including  lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, and Jazztronica
  • 15+ years experience in making music
  • Added to TIDAL's In The Loop
  • Support by Apple Music on BEATstrumentals


TESK's musical journey traces its roots back to the early days of graffiti, where they and their close-knit group of friends embarked on a creative adventure. Through countless spray-painted nights and shared experiences, their bond grew stronger, and so did their artistic talents. As their graffiti artistry flourished, the idea to form a rap crew began to take shape, marking the inception of TESK's path in the world of music.

  • 150M+ streams across DSPs
  • 25+ Spotify editorials including lofi cafe, lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, and Mellow Beats
  • Support on Apple Music's BEATstrumentals and Lofi Jazz
  • Feature on TIDAL's In The Loop editorial

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