UK-based act Verdance is the newly born side project of Hip Hop instrumentalist Handbook. Although, in this new expedition Verdance (Jake Brown) goes beyond the confines of the genre in order to heavily emphasize imagery and mood by exploring the depths of electronica, deep house and downtempo music.

Generally, when we thinking of the term ‘verdant’, our imagination is immediately wrapped by images of green, lush, nature, or perhaps the iridescence of spring – and that’s exactly the kind of garden-fresh aesthetic Verdance acquaints us with through his organic, yet lively soundscapes. City life for Jake has detached him from nature so Verdance creates an aural link to a world that we don’t always get the opportunity to enjoy.

The producer has cited his upcoming debut EP with Stereofox Records Rothko as his most accomplished work, and it’s only a matter of time until Verdance blossoms into a big fixture in the electronic and dance music domain.

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