“The name sums up what music means to me – at the moment I feel that so much in the world is beyond my control, is constantly changing, and at odds with each other. Music, on the other hand, is a safe constant, and it’s something I can have a say in. The opening track Semblance is a facade – a calm, thoughtful piece that hides the busy undercurrents of reality below. Meander is the first movement towards stability, with themes of healing, and growth. Shore, Sundown and Fight the Tide demonstrate power and drive – making the most of now. By the end, Mercy is taking stock of what has gone before it, and what will come next.”




[ Key Achievements ]

  • featured on Spotify’s Lounge – Soft House, Afterhours, Ibiza Sunset, Chill Tracks,  editorials
  • featured on Apple Music’s Today’s Chill, New Music Daily, Loops, Future Sounds, Pure Focus, Flow State, High Vibes Yoga, Living in the Library editorials
  • featured on Amazon’s Neon Chill editorial
  • featured on 11.9k independent playlists
  • played on BBC Radio 1 and 6, Austin Kramer’s UNreleased Show, RINSE.FM UK & FR, Soho Radio
  • featured on Beats of the Week by Dr. Dre
  • curator support from SideKick Music, Acid Stag, Chris Luno, Enhanced Music, and CloudKid
  • as his beat moniker Handbook – more than 150M streams and 25+ editorials

[ Praise ]

  • “The mood is slightly more fast pace compared to his work as Handbook; it is dance-friendly, but you could also see yourself getting lost in the journey”The New Lofi
  • “UK-based producer Verdance is breaking his way onto the scene in an impressive manner with his debut single ‘Ritual Two’, a track that provides elements of tranquility and groove”Acid Stag

Verdance – Permanence

Release Date : January 27, 2023

[ Schedule ]
Nov 18th – Shore
Dec 8th – Meander
Jan 5th – Fight The Tide
Jan 27th – Permanence album

[ Genres ]
electronica, house, downtempo, progressive house

[ Similar Artists ]
Bonobo, Tourist, George FitzGerald, Catching Flies

[ Artist Bio ]
UK-based producer Jake Brown is well known for his calm and comforting instrumentals under the name Handbook, although a revitalizing new story has begun with the inception of Verdance – a project that is meant to engulf the listener’s senses with its nature-inspired ambiance.

Generally, when we think of the term ‘verdant’, our imagination is immediately wrapped by images of green, lush, nature, or perhaps the iridescence of spring – and that’s exactly the kind of garden-fresh aesthetic Verdance acquaints us with through his organic, yet lively soundscapes. City life for Jake has detached him from nature so Verdance creates an aural link to a world that we don’t always get the opportunity to enjoy.

His first release Rothko came out via Stereofox in 2020 and won Jake international success and scored more than 1M streams across DSPs with praise by BBC Radio, Rinse.FM and Austin Kramer. Permanence is Jake’s growth and further exploration of the realm of electronic music.