If you’ve dug into the beat & sample-based music scenes over the past decade, chances are high that you’ve heard of Belgian producer Poldoore.

Hailing from just outside of Leuven, Belgium, renowned producer Thomas Schillebeeckx aka Poldoore remains a strong voice in the instrumentals game. Having built his chops in electro-hip hop & soul as a break-out producer during the early 2010s, he continues to burn bright in the instrumental scene as a musical storyteller.

His 12+ years of experience, world touring, and countless releases speak for themselves. Poldoore stays on his grind, attentive to the process that makes music great, as he’s often recording live session musicians, or designing his own drums.  Stereofox Records officially welcomes Poldoore to the label line-up with early 2021 track “Shade”.