Epifania, whose real name is Gabriel Moraes, is a Brazilian producer, based in São Paulo. He is currently 23 years old and started producing five and a half years ago – completely focused on hip hop production in general since then. Through the first 3 years, he has been finishing his accounting degree, which he hasn’t actually used and hopes he wouldn’t ever need to.

His journey as a producer has been pretty promising so far. Besides receiving lots of support and love for his music, he has worked with plenty of collaborators, some of which he considers family now – the producers from FUNCC.

Pivotal features in his music career include Spotify’s lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Lush Lofi, Lofi Hip-Hop, Mellow Beats, Jazztronica, Mellow Lofi Morning, Relax Brunch, and others. His music is also included on Apple’s Beatstrumentals playlist.