Allen Folk Prod. is a production team, consisting of two musicians: Allen and Neit. Initially the project started as Allen’s solo thing, but his creative light dimmed down as his studies and career took hold of him… Until some time later, when he was visiting his home town and caught that spark back again. The project came back to life, however this time Allen was not alone. Neit, an old friend of his, joined to accompany him in his music endeavors. That’s how “Allen Folk Prod.” was established. 
 Coming from different musical and professional backgrounds, each of us brought to the table a unique skillset and somehow they merge together perfectly, creating magical synergy. 
 We are truly amazed by the world around us. It brings us different experiences and emotions raging from excitement and hapiness to bitter sweet melancholic vibes. We try to capture them in our tracks using every tool we have at our disposal – dynamics, textures, organic and electronic sounds. Our end goal is to create chill music that listeners can easily get immersed into, music that would bring vivid colors into their mundane lives. 
 Add unique experience of living in different countries to this recipe and you get a duo of a bit cynical, yet light-hearted dreamers, with passion for music and desire to share it with the world.