“The idea of making Organism was more like a spark than producing it on purpose. I was sitting in front of my keys and messing around with sounds, but everything that I found sounded too complex so I decided to start again with a simple synth sound – the main sound of Organism – and try again. I’ve tried too keep it simple and interesting at the same time”

Dave Miles


Release Schedule: Feb 3rd, 2023
Genres: Electronic

When artists find themselves knee-deep in the stream of a flow state, unexpected beauty begins to materialize. Dave Miles’ captivating single “Organism” came to life in this fashion and welcomes us to a downtempo journey.

Throughout his time as a producer, Dave Miles has rubbed shoulders with a slew of artists in different genres and helped bring their vision to life. For his own release “Organism”, he introduces listeners to an experience that distills numerous styles to create a relaxing electronic gem. Guest starring on the track is Allen Folk – a notable duo who’ve not only been featured on Spotify’s Chill Out Music editorial but have also amassed more than 5 million streams across platforms with their appealing brand of guitar-centered electronica. A banquet of organic textures and catchy guitar riffs mingle on “Organism” to eventually invite you into a calming headspace.

“Organism” is Dave’s first single with Stereofox and proves to be a release suitable for moments of solitary chill.


Allen Folk

Allen Folk Prod. is the brainchild of Allen and Neit, a dynamic music production duo. Originally a solo venture, Allen's creative journey was revitalized during a visit to his hometown, leading to the birth of the project. Joined by his old friend Neit, the duo combined their diverse musical and professional backgrounds to form Allen Folk Prod.

  • Featured on Spotify’s Chill Out Music editorial
  • More than 5M streams across streaming platforms

Dave Miles

Some musicians like to play an instrument in order to create some of the greatest songs of all time, and producer Dave Miles wholeheartedly walks that path as he is on the quest to do just that. The point is in the legacy. From an early age he’s wanted to create something unique and that’s a major reason why he can be found sitting in front of my laptop and trying to come up with an outstanding sound.

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