“Under My Skin is a journal. Very intimate, real, vulnerable. It takes you through my fears, desires, parts of myself I’ve never been honest or brave enough to share.

I really let you “under my skin”, both metaphorically and literally, since my body and tattoos are my journal and one of the main inspirations for this album. I love the whole concept of the needle that goes under your skin, hurts you for a bit, but it’s bittersweet enough for you to let it in. To let it leave a “scar” that’s gonna stay with you forever. And you are the one that made that decision. It’s always your decisions that lead you where you are.

I also wrote the names of the songs and the tracklist by hand, since I wanted it to be even more authentic, just like a real journal.”






[ Key Achievements ]

  • Gena is part of Stereofox’s highly-acclaimed Bulgarian Beat Wave vol. 1 compilation, featured on BBC 1, CLASH Magazine, Bandcamp frontpage, KCRW, etc.
  • featured on Deezer’s R&B UK editorial
  • sold-out vinyl campaign for Leena’s debut album Labyrinth of the Subconscious (half-produced by Gena & featuring Y A N A) – distributed worldwide via Fat Beats
  • “Body” (featuring Y A N A) was part of remix competition of Labyrinth of the Subconscious hosted on Native Instruments’ platform Metapop
  • previously supported on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals & New Music Daily Romania
  • radio play on BBC 1, KCRW, Soho Radio London, Rinse.FM, Bulgarian National Radio, NOVA.FM Porto
  • featured on R&B Nation’s YT (700K+)
  • editorial support from Sidekick Music, ElectroWow, Iggy Magazine, Acid Stag
  • curator support – Ones To Watch, R&B Only, Vokall Records, Topsify, Double J, Show & Tell, CloudKid, Axel Tanner (800k TikTok followers), afterhours., The Jazz Hop Café

[ Praise ]

Y A N A / Gena – Under My Skin

Release Date : May 25, 2023

[ Schedule ]
March 17th – “Fast Lane”
April 7th – “Domino”
April 24th – “Cherry On Top”
May 10th – “Bliss”
May 25th – Under My Skin album

[ Genres ]
r&b, pop, soul

[ Similar Artists ]
Jhené Aiko, Snoh Aalegra, Alina Baraz, NAO, Joyce Wrice, Kimbra

[ Release Info ]
Already very well-established in the thriving r&b scene in Bulgaria, as well as previously featured on CLASH Magazine, COLORSxStudios, R&B Nation, Soho Radio, etc., Sofia-based singer Y A N A and producer Gena teamed up for a delicate, yet empowering 9-piece album to further elevate their global presence.

Under My Skin is an intimate journal, outlining Y A N A’s 2022 – a year of contrasts, black-and-white emotions (winking at this with the artworks), and also finding & loving yourself again.

The songs range from sultry r&b, through innermost ballads, all the way to girl-power pop anthems. She shares:

“Fast lane” is about being impatient. Givin’ all you can give a little too early.”

“Domino” is literally “giving birth” to yourself and making yourself the main character in your own life, facing your fears and learning from them.”

“Cherry On Top” was written literally about sugar addiction, but it’s really open to interpretation, just like most of the songs on the album.”

“Bliss” is about tip-toeing around someone and that moment when you realise you no longer want to people-please. It’s about standing up for yourself and making big decisions, you were once too afraid to make, cause you were too scared of confrontation.”

[ Artist Bio ]
Y A N A is one of the most interesting up-and-coming singers in Sofia – the way she blends smooth r&b singing & subtle rapping is outstanding. She’s a vocal coach and is a solid part of the local music scene, often collaborating with other vocalists like Leena & producers like Gena and Trombobby. She’s featured on Leena’s “Body” (played on Soho Radio London & Urban Movement AU, featured on R&B Nation).

Gena is probably the most established & well-known producer in Bulgaria, part of the trending hip hop band So Called Crew. He’s also the driving force and the main producer behind Leena’s debut album Labyrinth of the Subconscious (sold-out vinyl campaign distributed worldwide via Fat Beats, Record of the Week by Qrates, supported on the COLORS website, Ones To Watch, EARMILK, etc.) and part of Stereofox’s highly acclaimed compilation Bulgarian Beat Wave, vol. 1 (support by CLASH, KCRW, BBC 1 & also sold-out vinyl, distributed by Fat Beats).