“The track is named “Recovery” for both physical and mental aspects. I recorded it in a state of healing, wishing for it to be some sort of message for hope. Also, it is one of the first songs where I played all of the instruments. ”


Trombobby – Recovery

Release Date : January 14, 2021
Artist : Trombobby

This year is all about healing, about recovering from the marks that 2020 has left on each one of us.

Bulgarian producer & multi-instrumentalist Trombobby brings his a-game in this diverse jazz & funk-driven instrumental hip hop piece, combining all his experience and passion he’s gathered from the years working with various artists in Sofia’s thriving beat scene.

The slightly intense, more upbeat first half pays a tribute to the struggles, while mid-track you can find clarity and calmness, easing out with that heart-warming flugelhorn, reminding us that everything’s gonna be alright in the end.

Becoming yourself again is the destination but the journey is what’s really important.

“Recovery” is Trombobby’s first release with Stereofox Records and one of the first tracks he’s played all the instruments in.