“In Australia, the Magnolia flower marks the beautiful transition of winter to spring, when nature begins to brighten up and flower blossoms start to colour the world around us. The Magnolia resembles a path out of pale blandness into fruitful brightness. This is my favourite and most creative season, and I wrote this song during those days; listening back now I can hear in what ways it inspired me to create these hopeful melodies while walking along the Melbourne streets filled with magnolia flowers.”

Stan Forebee


Stan Forebee

[ Key Achievements ]

  • worked on projects with Marvel / Disney, MTV, The Verge, BBC & NPR Radio & more
  • 100M+ streams аcross DSPs
  • 340K monthly listeners / 16.5K followers on Spotify
  • 200 editorials on Spotify – including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes & Mellow Beats
  • debut album Jazz Sessions has 18M streams on Spotify alone
  • featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Morning Focus, LoFi Chill, Sleepy & more
  • toured across Europe & leading name in Melbourne’s thriving lofi scene
  • supported by 520K independent playlists – Chillhop Music, steezyasfuck, Jazz Hop Cafe, Fantastic Music, among others
  • previous releases with Chillhop Records (incl. Chillhop Essentials), Hip Dozer, Cold Busted, urbanundergrounds, etc.
  • collaborations with Oatmello, Cloudchord, ØDYSSEE, Kennebec, Axian, Inf, Kyle McEvoy & more

Stan Forebee – Magnolia

Release Date : March 14, 2023

[ Genres ]
chillhop, jazzhop, lofi hip hop

[ Similar Artists ]
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[ Release Info ]
Being among the pioneers of chillhop music, Dutch-born, Melbourne-based producer/musician Stan Forebee has worked with labels like Chillhop Records, Cold Busted & Hip Dozer, and has collaborated with other legendary artists like Cloudchord, Oatmello & ØDYSSEE. All resulting in 100M+ streams across major DSPs & projects with brands like Marvel, MTV & NPR.

Stan brings his 2nd Stereofox offering, after the highly-acclaimed jazzhop gem “Moon A.M.” (supported by numerous curators like The Jazz Hop Cafe, Inner Ocean Records, freshgoodies, Cole Slaw, etc).

“Magnolia” draws inspiration from the delicate flower and the way it brings colourfulness to the world. With spring just around the corner, the song will help you sail away from the gloomy winter. Dive into the magnificent blend of pulsating synths, groovy drums, hazy guitars & the playful jazzy keys mid-track that will send your mind wandering.

[ Artist Bio ]
Melbourne-based musician Stan Forebee creates beats by blending hip hop, classical music, and jazz with electronic influences, with a focus on complex chord progressions and colourful melodies.

Born in The Netherlands as Bastiaan van der Vlist, music has always been at the center of his life. His first piano teacher was his father at 3 years old; a strong foundation on which he later developed a passion for jazz & hip hop around his teen years. Stan started making beats inspired by J Dilla & Flying Lotus, Bill Evans & Erroll Garner.

Stan’s debut album Jazz Sessions (2013) gained attention worldwide – 18M+ streams on Spotify alone.