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“Inspired by outdoor noise, sharp geometric shapes, and faded mechanical splendor, Tailwind is a short EP composed via less-than-perfect cassette recordings.

Real-world sounds and synthesized elements get recorded to cassette tapes of varying quality, before being re-recorded and looped into small vignettes of their original form; inspired by the idea of movement.



Release Schedule: Jun 13th, 2023
Genres: Beats

With his upcoming Tailwind EP via Stereofox, abstract beatmaker Scarlett showcases his seamless ability to take listeners on a roller coaster of emotions.

Scarlett is the instrumental hip hop moniker of the Dutch artist Knight One who has received praise for his remixes for Crystal Fighters, Satin Jackets, Les Loups, and Moods. He burst on the scene as a beatmaker in 2020, and already in his first year he had releases with some of the biggest labels in chillhop, specifically Hip Dozer and Chillhop Music. Scarlett continued his impressive run and dropped his debut album FYI which amassed more than 1 million streams just on Spotify alone. We saw the young producer take a break throughout 2022 to focus on other projects, but now, he’s returned with Tailwind EP – a project that stands out thanks to its poignant emotions and beautiful imperfections.

The track “Heat” serves as a shining example of this sentiment. Here and throughout the project Scarlett uses cassette recordings as warm texture, whilst the woozy synths accentuate the deep, introspective feelings throughout the track. He follows this up with “Surf”, and with its beefy drums and moody atmosphere listeners are immersed in an otherworldly experience that’ll have one drifting into relaxation. Scarlett’s creative process can’t escape mention as that is among the reasons why Tailwind has a sense of nostalgia to it. Real-world sounds and synthesized elements are recorded to cassette tapes of varying quality, and Scarlett re-records and loops these tapes in fascinating ways.



Scarlett is the new-age, abstract beat project by songwriter and producer, Billy Burki – the person behind Dutch electronic act Knight One. The Scarlett recording process is a tedious menagerie of cutting and pasting; real-world sounds, synthesised elements, and cassette tapes from all corners of the globe.

  • Remixes for prominent artists like Crystal Fighters, Satin Jackets, Les Loups, and Moods (as Knight One)
  • Featured on Spotify editorials like lofi beats & Café Chillout
  • supported on notable platforms such as Majestic Casual
  • 1M+ streams on Spotify from his debut album FYI
  • Added to 10k+ independent playlists
  • Radio play on BBC Radio 6 (Focus Beat Show)

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