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“Outlook is like a summary of the changes that happened in both my musical and personal life during the creation of this EP. I tried to combine childhood memories with the perspective of the future and extract from them something dreamy and positive, which is lacking in the world at the moment.”



Release Schedule: Mar 3rd, 2022
Genres: Electronic

Domas Ruškys, a.k.a Rushkeys, brings his musical background forward and is now exposing what he’s made of with his chill electronica EP Outlook. The Lithuanian artist creates music as another dimensional journey that also took place in several independent projects, ads, movies, and more in the last couple of years. Now Rushkeys is in a rush to make a name of his own with the organic bits arranged in the ambient puzzle Outlook released with the Stereofox team.

The drum pattern in every track strikes with a lushness that is arresting a childhood nostalgia. “Aurora” is the sunrise of the story full of shades and gripping synths, “Voyager” is for all the wild ones that only look up with a bubbly main melody that takes you to the next jams – “High Tide” and “Kira.” All ends with “Stargazer,” which is built from a softer start and takes the air around completely with its brave beat movement. For Outlook, Rushkeys plays the digital wind instrument Roland Aerophone giving the EP a unique instrumental speech.

Outlook is an EP to be loved alone and with friends as you all go back to the precious memories floating like a lonely mountain in your everyday life.



Rushkeys, real name Domas Ruškys, is a Lithuanian electronic artist and producer based in Vilnius. Blending dreamy melodies with solid rhythmic grooves, his sound blurs the line between downtempo and organic house.

  • Over 50K listeners across DSPs
  • Over 150K streams across DSPs
  • Has been featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist – “Українська електроніка”
  • Has been supported by over 2.4K independent playlists and curators for electronic music
  • Collaborated with acts such as PALLADIAN, Lugovskiy, Hexlogic
  • He is also proactively working as a composer, songwriter & sound engineer for advertising, commercials, movies and fashion projects.

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