“This EP Sandcastles was inspired by my travels all over the world, but also came from the idea that we all were living out these exhausting lives before the pandemic. Everyone seemed to have thought we might of had it all figured out but the Sandcastles we’ve been building…in the air, in the sand, weren’t strong enough to handle the incoming tide. The tide represents all of the different things that have affected us individually in the past two years, the Sandcastle is me.

Lean Back is an ode to letting go and letting love. I’m at a place in my life where I’m letting things fall into place after a long, intense period of change and growth. Things should feel easy, natural. So I wanted to create a piece of music that inspires that feeling. This is a collage of sounds, all working in harmony to create something human. Furthermore, I wanted to give that feeling to other people who might feel/felt the same way I do.”


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Rodney Hazard

Rodney Hazard – Sandcastles

Release Date : February 28, 2022

[ Release Schedule ]
» Jan 31st – “Lean Back”
» Feb 28th – Sandcastles EP
» March 10th – “Crystals” official music video premiere

[ Key achievements ]
» 1M+ streams combined across DSPs
» 400k+ YouTube video views – https://www.youtube.com/c/RodneyHazard/videos
» 150+ shows in USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Czech Republic
» Opened for Future, Run The Jewels, Alchemist, Buddy, Mannie Fresh, and DJ Craze
» As creative director he’s worked with VICE, Samsung, AT&T, Diageo, Bacardi, and Under Armour – https://rodneyhazard.com/about
» 3.5k followers Spotify, 21k Instagram
» featured on Spotify’s Chill Tracks editorial

[ Info ]
Rodney Hazard is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director based in Brooklyn, NY that boasts an impressive repertoire of musical and visual art collaborations. With his lucid, emotive production, he’s worked with artists including multi-platinum recording artist Bipolar Sunshine, members of the A$AP Mob, Nessly, Meyhem Lauren, AZ, Lais, Joe Budden, and more.

As a musician and DJ, he has performed across the country and in Canada, opening for Future, Run The Jewels, Alchemist, Buddy, Mannie Fresh, and DJ Craze. Rodney facilitates a variety of audiovisual experiences across the nation, fostering a sense of inclusivity amongst his audiences.

As a creative director, some of Rodney’s past clients include VICE, Duolingo, Samsung, AT&T, Diageo, Bacardi, Revolt, and more. Rodney Hazard is a well-rounded virtuoso of creativity with a concentration in music, design, and film. Rodney is currently an independent artist.

Driven by a “the world is my gem” mantra, the US artist channels the energy of being outdoors into his Stereofox debut Sandcastles. Indeed, the record is following a trip to Hawaii, which Rodney found absolutely magical. Honoring the spirit of the place, from mountains to the ocean, the track is a voyage into a different world.

Hazard started the recording while on the plane as he arrived on the island, and finished it once on site. Being immersed in the original place of inspiration for the song allowed him to create a piece that takes us on a journey with him, filled with textured sounds.

The stereo image of the track is as captivating as can be, as he played with space throughout the production and mixing process, for a final product that plays with our senses.