I started putting together this 8-track album in July of 2020 during the lockdowns. The inspiration came from different moods I was feeling with witnessing what was happening in Australia and around the world. Each track and their titles represents a certain moment or feeling at that time.


P.R. – Behind Borders

Release Date : August 31, 2021

Sydney-based music producer P.R. crafted his art around being diverse. Inspired by boom-bap and the golden era of hip hop, P.R takes that artistic goal further with Behind Borders.

The EP is a sonic reflection of his lockdown experience in Australia featuring tons of great collaborators. Blending a great variety of instrumentation and samples, the journey of Behind Borders reveals its sheer musical depth and colorful stylistic palette. Keeping the steady basis of clean and punchy hip-hop sounds, the tracks on the EP come as waves one after the other with a slightly different yet cohesive feel. Instrumental phrases will firstly get you zoned into the groove, but a quick swing into a more vocal-driven direction will pleasantly surprise you.

On the single “Time Away”, P.R. embarks on a new adventure with Singapore-based artist ChillCat a.k.a. Wengie. Hazy beat grooves and smooth vocal chops are paired with light trap elements to touch you with a soothing warm sunset vibe. The collaborative song drops on August 9th, while the whole Behind Borders EP is set to release on the last day of August, 2021.