“The 5-track EP is my idea of showcasing how different genres can perfectly intertwine together. While I will always be driven by guitar beats, looking into other genres like neo-soul, lofi, chillhop, and future beats really opened my inner sonic universe. This is a new adventure for me and I hope people learn more about me through these sounds as I’ve put alot of love and passion into creating this.

All tracks will actually be released with guitar tabs, so I am happy to share this and help others learn playing the instrument.”


A rising new name on the neo-soul guitar beat scene, Peyotoff is channelling his jazz background through a multi-genre prism to create something lush, groovy, and soothing. The ultimate chill vibes.



[ Key Achievements ]

  • featured on Spotify’s lofi beats editorial
  • featured on Apple Music’s Vida Relax editorial
  • TIDAL’s Mix da Semana Brazil editorials
  • support by Indie Shuffle (2x) (article), Acid Stag (article), College Music, Filtr/Ultra Music and Ryan Celsius (playlists)
  • #5 hypem Popular Charts for “After Darkness”
  • performed live on Bulgarian National TV and multiple venues in Vienna, Austria

Peyotoff – Living Jewel EP

Release Date : May 10, 2022
Artist : Peyotoff

[ Release Schedule ]
Mar 17th – “After Darkness”
Apr 12th – “On My Way”
May 10th – Living Jewel EP

[ Genres ]
neo soul, chillhop, guitar beats, future beats

[ Similar Artists ]
Ruben Wan, Beau Diako, Hanz, Cloudchord, Tom Misch, Flying Lotus

[ Artist Bio ]
Peyotoff is the solo project of jazz-trained guitarist Petar Yotov. The producer blends his alluring neo-soul guitar style with future beats elements, instrumental hip hop and jazz all that through the prism of his own experiences. A groove-heavy, but soothing sounds for the soul.

Peyotoff graduated the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna where he studied classical music and jazz. In addition to being a creative session musician, he is a lecturer at one of the best Bulgarian music production schools – Sound Ninja. He recorded guitar for established local artists like DESY, Trombobby, Preyah, and Niya (The Voice of Bulgaria winner for 2018) and has performed on the stage of Sofar Sound.

He brings out his signature energy on stage with live r&b / hip hop band DAYO, whose music has been featured on Will Smith’s vlog, and worked together with UK artist Alxndr London.

He draws inspiration from the music of Isaiah Sharkey, Thundercat, Beau Diako, and Flying Lotus, but simultaneously explores his own take on his favourite genres.

[ Release Info ]
Known as the nishikigoi pattern nishiki“swimming (or living) jewel”, the unique name for this koi fish comes from the Japanese word “nishiki” which traditionally means beautiful or elegant things. Throughout the years Koi fish have become a universal symbol of peace all over the world.

Peace, love, affection, prosperity – all the elements Peyotoff has engraved in his Living Jewel EP. Each of the 5 beats is inspired by one or a few of those symbols. “Feelings” is by far the most sensual beat on the EP and will take the listener on a journey of love and affection. “After Darkness”, on the other hand, is producer’s way of showing gratitude for being healthy and surrounded by the most important people in his life. Living Jewel is a reflection of Peyotoff’s every day life and all the things he is surroudned by, hence the usage of nature sound or everyday tiny details like the supermarket sound sample in “On My Way”. The beauty in this release is in its details.

The EP, created in its entirety in Peyotoff’s bedroom, is both a story and a challenge. The challenge is creating a homogeneous beat soundscape driven heavily by the sound of his Fender Jazzmaster guitar while showcasing his versatility and a wide range of genres. The story? His debut as a producer and his growth a musician.