“This track means a lot to me since it’s the first track where I completely went with what felt good to me without taking care of any songwriting, arrangement or production guidelines.

For me, music is all about delivering feeling in the purest form – if that means just acoustic guitar and vocals or a minute-long song, then so be it as long as it feels right to you. It all started with me playing around with a sample of myself recorded on phone, which accidentally turned out to be the base for the whole song. It really has this unique, very intimate vibe. The whole song came together very naturally and i’ve recoginzed during the process of creating it, that i actually don’t want to go for a chorus or a different part – i wanted to keep it that simple with very few elements, so that every element has its space and can shine.

Ultimately, “Can’t Get Enough Of You” is a personal, intimate song about unfulfilled desire – slow and deep bedroom r&b with some lofi vibes but hifi sound – melancholic but warm – a track to get lost to, to catch feelings to.”

nu Caress


nu Caress

[ Key Achievements ]

  • added on more than 500 independent playlists
  • the alter ego of beatmaker Claptu – who has more than 30M streams
  • organizer of lofi beat / singer events in Innsbuck, Austria

nu Caress – Can’t Get Enough Of You

Release Date : September 6, 2022

[ Genres ]
neo-soul, alt r&b, lofi

[ Similar Artists ]
Frank Ocean, Montell Fish, Daniel Caesar

[ Artist Bio ]
nu Caress is independent singer, songwriter and producer (also known as Claptu) from Innsbruck, Austria.

The artist blends the soothing essence of acoustic music with the sensuality of neo-soul and r&b and the laid-back calmness of lofi hip hop.

“Music has always been like a sanctuary for me – a place where you feel safe / free / connected to yourself & your feelings… understood – a place where you can go to root yourself again when you feel lost but also a place where you can go to spread your wings and fly when you feel grounded, an escape from everything and nothing. That’s why I want to share my music with you – to offer a sanctuary you can go to. “, shares the artist.