“This track was made in Dani’s studio and we were inspired by the softness of simple things like staring at the sky or being in nature.”



Release Schedule: Jul 6th, 2022
Genres: Beats, Lofi

MrAnthony and Dani Catalá, two friends and talented artists, have joined forces to create their latest collaborative lo-fi track titled “Liquid Butter,” set for release on July 6th via Berlin-based label, Stereofox. Inspired by enjoying simple things in life, MrAnthony and Dani Catalá aim to fill listeners’ days with an uplifting and serene ambiance, evoking a sense of joy and hope. The track features MrAnthony’s expertly crafted guitar licks with Dani Catalá’s soothing piano jazz keys, accompanied by shimmering soundscapes. “Liquid Butter” will take you on a mesmerizing sonic adventure, filling your day with the most positive and chilled-out vibes.



MrAnthony, a classical saxophone player and lofi producer with a primary focus on lofi jazz and lofi sleep, finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. His compositions seamlessly blend elements of nature’s allure with his musical expertise. Furthermore, he has had the honor of collaborating with renowned producer and jazz pianist, Dani Catala, who serves as a valued collaborator in the creation of MrAnthony’s mesmerizing lofi jazz productions.

  • Over 3M streams across DSPs
  • Previously featured on Spotify editorials like lofi chill and lofi piano
  • Supported by 7.5k+ independent curators

Dani Catalá

Dani Catalá, born into a musical family in Alicante, has been immersed in the world of music since birth. Both of his parents are musicians, with his father serving as a choir director and his mother excelling as a classical singer. As a child, Dani participated in gospel performances alongside his parents’ chorus while receiving classical training at the conservatory.

  • Dani Catalá is part of the band Orjazzmic
  • Toured Spain and won the national prize in the international competition Emergenza 2016, representing Spain at the Taubertal Fest in Germany
  • Since 2019 Dani Catala has produced music and performed live for NBA2K20 with international rapper “Nach”

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