“Listening to the EP right now, feels like going back through all the experiments and styles I tried out during my path as Misc.Inc. Although every track sounds different they’re all connected in some sense by their background. Amber combines tribalistic chanting with chill hop beats while Gratitude is more of a clean production with a lot of electronic influences.”


misc.inc – Seclusion EP

Release Date : October 12, 2020
Artist : misc.inc

Оne of the most highly motivated and goal-driven people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting here at Stereofox, Marc, is a self-taught artist, sound designer, and producer who crafts chillhop, downtempo electronica, and lofi house. Based in Dresden, Germany and heavily influenced by iconic producers such as Tycho, Sorrow, and J Dilla, Misc.Inc has always been ardent about music and aspired to be a creator himself. Starting in 2012, he began that journey and added a new angled rhythmic flair to his music that expresses soulful chords that surface strong emotions for his listeners. This, in conjunction with his EDM genre roots and extensive background within the industry, has resulted in countless worldwide sample pack awards and three revolutionizing albums thus far.

His 4-track EP Seclusion is Marc’s introduction to the family and it encompasses his affection for beat-driven chillhop, downtempo and electronica sounds.