“It‘s 9m. Sunset. Your favorite time. And as you glance over the river, straight into golden hour you‘re hit by the sweet happiness summer holds. ”




[ Key Achievements ]

  • Over 78 million streams on Spotify
  • Over 13M Listeners on Spotify
  • Added to 63K Independent Playlists and Curators, such as: Filtr US (Sony), Lopils, thebooglegboy, Lo-Fi Vibes, Utopia Collective, Den Haku Records, The Jazz Hop Café, Steezyasfuck, Unheard, Masked Mortal, College Music
  • Signed songwriter and producer  for Warner Chappell Music
  • Earned a golden record as a co-producer (Song: 01099 – Durstlöscher) in Germany.
  • Creator of the Bedroom Beats sample pack series on Splice.com with over 2 Million Downloads
  • Creator of 10+ sample packs on Splice.com with summed 3 Million + Downloads
  • Tutor at Sonicacademy & soon Production Music Live
  • Editorial Playlists Spotify: Lofi Beats, Chillout Lounge, Lush Lofi, Lofi Hip Hop, Chill Instrumental Beats, Moonlight Beats, Sunset Beats, Mate Relax, Foco Com Energia, Soultronic, New Music Friday Cratediggers
  • Editorial Playlists Apple Music: The Lounge, Pure Focus, BEATstrumentals, Pure Yoga
  • Previous track “Seeing.Venus” featured on: Perfectly Basics (Netherlands), C89 Radio (USA), Ethereal Radio (USA), ChillSide Radio (Canada), The New LoFi (Blog)
  • “Seening.Venus” listed on #5 on HypeMachine
  • “Dreams.Unbroken” got a heavy radio rotation on DI.FM – one of the biggest online radio platforms for electronic music

[ Praise ]

  • “Ethereal… Chilled out… Free flowing — Misc.Inc’s sound creates a space for sonic escapism. His music aims to merge a range of styles together and foster an effortless electronic sound that has an organic character.” – The New LoFi
  • The ever-evolving landscape of lofi and ambient music sees the rise of fresh faces and original sounds on a regular basis. Cue misc.inc, a rising name in the community whose sound is all his own. – United Common Records
  • “Easily one of the most highly motivated and goal-driven people I’ve met, Marc, is a self-taught artist, sound designer, and producer who crafts chillhop, downtempo electronica, and lofi-house” – Stereofox

Misc.Inc – Days.Spent Alone

Release Date : August 19, 2022
Artist : Misc.Inc

[ Schedule ]
19th of August – [ Days.Spent Alone ] – Single Release

[ Genres ]
Chill House, Organica House, Lo-Fi House

[ Similar Artists ]
Tycho, Mild Minds, Bonobo, ODESZA, Tourist, Emancipator, Alex Lustig, Catching Flies

[ Artist Bio ]

Highly motivated and goal-driven, Marc, aka Misc.Inc, is a self-taught Artist, Sound Designer, and Music Producer, specializing in formulating compelling chill/lofi hip hop and downtempo/electronica creations. As an avid reader, meditator, and someone who continuously strives to seek new ways to improve his sound, Misc.Inc has demonstrated his passion by producing unique, versatile music that leaves lasting impressions.

Based in Dresden, Germany and heavily influenced by iconic producers such as Tycho, Sorrow, and J Dilla, Misc.Inc has always been ardent about music and aspired to be a creator himself. Starting in 2012, he began that journey and added a new angled rhythmic flair to his music that expresses soulful chords that surface strong emotions for his listeners. This, in conjunction with his EDM genre roots and extensive background within the industry, has resulted in worldwide recognition and an ever-growing fanbase.

As an unique visionary who is able to merge ranges of styles together, fostering chilled electronic music with an organic character that influences new distinctive sounds, it is clear that Misc.Inc has already made an influential mark within the music industry. With thousands of monthly listeners, over 78M plays on Spotify, and album successes, Misc.Inc is building a solid reputation for himself and is continuing to exponentially grow with each new release.

[ Behind The Concept ]

Uplifting 4-on-the-floor beat with mesmerizing & dreamy chimes, combined with catchy and simply delightful vocal melodies and the way they are designed and composed is exactly what defines the unique sound of the German-electronic producer. Previously featured on Chillout Longe, Lounge Soft House & Ibiza Lounge, with his new track, Warner Chappel’s signed composer will bring sweet joy and happiness to your sunny days.

[ Action Plan ]

Traditional & Digital PR handled by the marketing team of Stereofox
Radio Promotion across established partners in USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, including – DI.FM, KEXP, KCRW, SiriusXM Chill, Worldwide FM, NTS
DSP Marketing Support by DashGO
Digital Marketing Budget – Instagram Traffic + TikTok Reach & Awareness – budget TBC
Official TikTok Challenge using the audio snippet