“The Appreciation Of Now is about exactly that. I always like to connect my music with rather philosophical topics. Life happens only in this very moment. The past is only memory and nonexistent. The same is true for the future. It‘s only a blurred vision. The only reality is in the very moment. Life happens only now. Showing gratitude for that, by recognizing this and living in the very present is what this release is about. The listener is invited to take a step back, zoom out and just take a listen in this exact moment. Every track in this EP is different, yet connected by subtle details.”


misc.inc – Appreciation of Now EP

Release Date : March 25, 2021
Artist : misc.inc

The music of German producer misc.inc is frequently interlaced with philosophical ideas and on his new meditative EP Appreciation of Now, he welcomes us to comfortably immerse ourselves in the very moment through 4 tranquil instrumentals.

With thousands of monthly listeners, over 40M plays on major platforms like Spotify & Apple Music, and album successes… the name misc.inc (aka Marc-Oliver) reverberates far and wide particularly in the chillhop sphere by virtue of his vast contributions to the scene. Even though his sound is underpinned by hip hop elements, Marc’s adoration towards electronica and downtempo continuously looms through upbeat rhythms and lush atmospheres – and it’s this refined level of versatility that creates deep listening experiences with a healing effect.

This effect is magnified further on the Appreciation of Now EP thanks to the spirited airiness we’re totally pulled into. Each tune in this multi-coloured EP acquaints us to the different sides of misc.inc. However, they are connected by the glistening synth tapestry, and their ability to lay our worries to rest as we appreciate and surrender and to the present