“I had to leave the noise of the city to clear my head, spending a bit of time finding myself again.

This record is a reflection of where I have been, where I am right now and where I am going. I wanted to share this journey with you.”


Mazoulew – Retrospective

Release Date : April 8, 2020
Artist : Mazoulew

Mazoulew began his music journey in 2004 after falling in love with trip hop and the art of sampling. Inspired by various genres like motown, acid jazz and drum&bass, the UK producer has been on a perpetual journey of broadening his influences – something you can experience in his music. Working both independently and in collaboration with other artists all around the world, Mazoulew has been slowly evolving and refining his sound, exploring new possibilities and the fusion of elements.

Putting “Retrospective” into words could be one of the most challenging things we’ve done here at Stereofox. The 5 minutes and 37 seconds long composition feels like a carefully coaxed storytelling using sounds. The aerial feels and echoing/distant vocal samples amplify the haunting feeling throughout the whole track making “Retrospective” an instant goosebumps machine. The whole instrumental flourishes from the very first chord and while it feels like the perfect track to zone out to, you will find yourself completely engaged every single second of that journey.

This track is our 5th joint release with Mazoulew and after reaching more than 700 000 we can only celebrate the art and creativity of the half-Croatian half-South African producer. The road ahead is unknown, but “Retrospective” will definitely not be the last step.