“Alone At Sunset” was one of the very first tracks that came to life as a result of our mutual collaboration. Its sound is inspired by the more old-school soul vibe, made with vintage instruments. Even though we live five minutes away from each other, this track was an internet collaboration due to the pandemic, but we’re still really happy and proud with how it turned out in the end.”

Low Heat & Peyotoff

Low Heat & Peyotoff – Alone At Sunset

Release Date : February 23, 2021
Artists : Low Heat, Peyotoff

If you’re longing for some night-time cruisin’ with your bike or car, we’ve got the perfect soundtrack. “Alone At Sunset” will make your head nod and will amazingly sync with the passing street lights. This spectacular cosmic funk journey came to life after two of the most influential music producers on the Bulgarian neo-soul & future beats radar joined forces.

From dirty electro-funk beats, all the way to soulful, synth-driven r&b pieces such as his latest Stereofox release “Good Together” with Lina Nikol on the vocals, Boyan (Low Heat) has undoubtedly managed to establish a unique sound of his own – wobbly pulsing synths, warm saturated bass and crisp varied percussion. Peyotoff, on the other hand, experiments with incorporating different instruments and layers into soulful beat-driven electronica, making it recognizable and fresh.

And if you often resort to the metaphor “If the music of producer X and producer Y had a song-baby, it would sound like Z”, then you’d know how to feel about “Alone At Sunset”, simply because it’s exactly that – Low Heat’s and Peyotoff’s unique styles, combined into an electrifying new track. This collaboration introduces some colorful sonic vibrance to your listening experience through lush vintage synths, punchy drums and fat analog bass, encapsulating the sound of the luxurious cosmic funk & neo-soul genres in their purest, strongest form.