“This EP was inspired by my trip to Canada last summer. I was so fascinated by the nature and its diversity there. During the trip I had the idea to record some nature sounds and use them as textures for the record. Sonically the album is as versatile as nature itself. It features acoustic instruments, synthesizer parts and – again – real background textures from the Canadian forests and lakes!


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[ Key Achievements ]

  • 10M+ streams across DSPs
  • 85 editorials on Spotify – lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, lofi+chill, Chillhop, etc.
  • featured on Apple’s Creative Focus & Studying editorial playlists
  • supported by 37K independent playlists from curators like Sunday, Sleep Tales, Chill Select, etc.

l’eupe – Into The Wilderness EP

Release Date : April 11, 2023

[ Schedule ]
March 28th – Forlorn Lake
April 11th – Into The Wilderness EP

[ Genres ]
lofi, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Oatmello, steezy prime, Leavv, Nokiaa

[ Release Info ]
One of the most exciting, up-and-coming lofi producers, l’eupe has accumulated 10M+ streams across DSPs and numerous editorials (including lofi beats on Spotify & Creative Focus on Apple).

For his debut Stereofox release, he brings the delightful 5-piece Into The Wilderness EP, inspired by a trip to Canada and his fascination with its spectacular nature. Built upon field recordings, the project is “as versatile as nature” but also cohesive in its soothing abilities.

Get lost in this magnificent sonic journey.

[ Artist Bio ]
Being in love with music from an early age, l’eupe picked up guitar at the age of 16, and enrolled in a music college where he studied bass guitar. He’s been doing live gigs & teaching and started producing lofi beats in 2020. l’eupe has since had 50 releases & amassed editorial placements on all DSPs (including Spotify’s lofi beats & Jazz Vibes and Apple’s Creative Focus), resulting in over 10M streams.

His artist name is an acronym formed from his first & last names – not French, as most people assume.