The track feels like you are getting a break from the rapid lifestyle we are living nowadays. Turn on airplane mode and forget about your struggles, worries and all the social media expectations and just be present.


kid taro

Kid Tarô



[ Key Achievements ]

  • Kid Tarô has produced for the likes of Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa & more
  • Kimmø is part of Timbaland’s Beatclub VIP family
  • 17M+ streams combined on Spotify
  • featured on 65+ Spotify editorials altogether including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, lush lofi, lofi cafe, among others
  • added to Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, The Lounge, LoFi Jazz & more
  • featured on 50K+ independent playlists combined, including curators like Chillhop Music, Hip Dozer, steezyasfuck, Filtr, etc.

Kid Tarô & Kimmø – Airplane Mode

Release Date : February 7, 2023

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
j’san, Psalm Trees, Leavv

[ Release Info ]
Turn on your airplane mode & have a break from the hectic life we’re living nowadays.

LA producer Kid Tarô (who’s worked with Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa), teamed with German producer Kimmø (part of Timbaland’s Beatclub VIP family) for a soothing lofi experience. Hazy synths, a playful drum section & chill vibes remind you to leave your struggles & social media expectations behind and just be present in the offline world.

Both artists have won the hearts of numerous Spotify (lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, lush lofi) & Apple (BEATstrumentals, The Lounge, LoFi Jazz) curators, as well as independent ones (Chillhop Music, Hip Dozer, Steezyasfuck, Filtr).

[ Artists Bio ]
Kid Tarô is a 22-year-old sample-based beatmaker from Inglewood, CA. His music is a twist of some modern synth-influenced trap, soul, and hip hop paired with that classic MPC 90´s vibe and bounce. Besides making his lofi decorated beats while always on tour he is also working as a producer for some cats like Mike Jenkins, Vic Mensa, and Saba.

Hailing from Mainz, Germany, the 22-year-old producer and beatmaker Kimmø started his journey on For The Love Of It, the label by German Grammy-Nominated producer Shuko (Anderson Paak, Kanye West, etc). Kimmø is part of Timbaland´s Beatclub VIP family and is working heavily on producing instrumentals and samples for a variety of artists all around the globe.