SCENARIOS EP - Stereofox Label

The idea behind the EP represents different imaginary situationships between someone and me, or my girlfriends telling me stories about what is going on in their love life lately and I think a lot of people can relate. I mean, we live at times where people don’t care about how you actually feel, majority of them are afraid to really show love and sympathy because these are signs of vulnerability, and people don’t like to be seen as “weak”, at least this is my observation. However, me and my bf are actually really cool, that’s why I have to make-up “Scenarios” to keep it interesting or represent in front of my girlies. The only track that represents our relationship is the intro, which I decided to name “Take 7” because it took me 7 takes to do it right, lol.”



Release Schedule: Mar 8th - "trust"
Apr 19th - "no notification"
Genres: R&B / Soul

London’s rising r&b act Izabel returns with new EP called SCENARIOS – her debut on Berlin-based label Stereofox.

The 4-song project is produced by Monro (worked with acts like John Legend, Jhené Aiko, Masego, Sinéad Harnett, AMARIA BB, among others) & TromBobby who’s released with GRAMMY-winning singer Jermaine Holmes (D’Angelo, Pete Rock), Brianna Castro (Tory Lanez), Kazuki Isogai & more.

Sonically, SCENARIOS EP encapsulates Izabel’s delicate, yet solid approach towards r&b, with lush vocal runs that will surely melt you to the core, and smooth & punchy production. Revolving around imaginary stories & “situationships”, Izabel shares what is going on in a young girl’s mind having to deal with sharing emotions & complicated relationships.

“This project holds a special place in my heart, as it embodies the essence of who I am as an artist and the music I’ve always longed to create,” Izabel shares. “It feels like a true reflection of my musical identity, a sound that resonates with my very core. I really want to give it up for the people I’ve worked with on this project, they are people I’ve admired for quite some time, TromBobby and Ross Monro. They really made me feel safe and express myself to the fullest. I really cannot wait for you to hear Scenarios. It represents a musical chapter that showcases my growth, passion, and unwavering dedication,” she elaborates.



Rising artist, singer, songwriter and Instagram baddie Izabel (aka izabalien) was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in the year 2000 and began her artistic career at the age of 14. Izabel won a nationwide competition to become part of the biggest vocal group in her country, Bon-Bon, when she was only 5 years old, which also landed her a role in a few charity organizations, including UNICEF. In 2023, she participated in an SBTV songwriting camp with artists like Col3trane, Jaz Karis, Ashton Sellars & more. She was also part of the 2024 She Runs The Board compilation with Miraa May, Emmavie, Gnarly, to name a few. SCENARIOS EP is her debut via Stereofox Records.

  • Participated in an SBTV songwriting camp with artists like Col3trane, Jaz Karis, Ashton Sellars & more
  • Part of the 2024 She Runs The Boards compilation with Miraa May, Emmavie, Gnarly, etc.
  • SCENARIOS EP is produced by Monro (Jhené Aiko, John Legend, Masego, Sinéad Harnett, Tori Kelly) & TromBobby (Jermain Holmes, Brianna Castro, Frank Nitt)
  • Worked with UNICEF on projects on the positive impact of music
  • Performed at Sofar Sounds (London & Sofia) + Next Door Records (London)
  • Featured on Apple Music's New in R&B, Brown Sugar, Grown N Sexy, Soul Revival, Love Letters editorials
  • Featured on Amazon Music's Breakthrough R&B editorial
  • Coverage on NOTION, EARMILK, Magnetic Magazine, Neon Music

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