Gnarly’s new EP welcomes Spring while reminding us of the seasons within us and our ability to change. In these three chillhop-inspired tracks she captures the stages of a powerful transformation while creating a soothing atmosphere full of gratitude, optimism, and hope:

“Never Saw Your Face Again” – getting rid of all burdens, leaving the things which hold you back in the past- whether that’s a person, place, or a belief; saying “Goodbye” with a smile and making space for new things in your life and a new self in the mirror;

“Silver Linings” – finding light in the darkness and perceiving any obstacle as a fuel for progress; staying open for new directions and opportunities;

“Blossom” – reconnecting with your vitality and passion for life; Allowing yourself to transform and shine brighter than ever.

2021 (when these tracks were made) was really a time for focussing on putting myself first, I really learnt a lot about who I am, what I want and what I need. I like letting the music speak for itself and I hope that the listener can hear and feel the vibe in each track with the underlying theme of being sometimes melancholy but always full of hope.


Gnarly - Home Studio 2


Gnarly – Blossom EP

Release Date : February 24, 2022

Key achievements

» Editorial Features on: Midnight Chill (Spotify), 都会の空を見上げると聴こえてくる音楽 (Spotify), BEATstrumentals (Apple Music) playlists;
» Music licensed to Bandai Namco with Jim Vision, Logitech with Jim Vision, Lyrix Organix, Cloak;
» Brand partnerships with Native Instruments, Akai Professional, Melodics, Bandlab, Slate Digital, AIAIAI, Rhythmo, Artiphon, Redbull Music, ROLI/LUMI, Pioneer DJ, Spitfire Audio, She Knows Tech, Reverb;
» has been the Lead Mix & Mastering Engineer for the UK Beatbox Championships post-production since 2015 and worked with World Champions The Beatbox Collective on sync projects featured on national TV;
» Performed at notable events such as Citadel Festival 2018, Lovebox Festival 2018, Music Producer Convention in Paris 2019, Glastonbury Rumshack online 2020, Audius Festival Online 2020, Southbank Centre and Elbphilharmonie with Nikita Gill 2021;

An internationally renowned finger drummer with a BA (Hons) in Sound Arts and Design from the University of the Arts London, Gnarly is a proactive artist and a multi-faceted talent. The British-Sri Lankan finger drummer, music producer, live performer, content creator, and educator keeps on gaining the attention not only of fans and notable collaborators, but also music tech brands and music organisations.

Besides creating genre-bending future beats and DJ sets, performing highly skilled and captivating live shows and leading finger-drumming workshops, you can find her appearing on panels and radio shows to discuss online marketing, self-promotion, music production, and finger drumming techniques. Currently, together with spoken word artist Nikita Gill, she is part of a live act, which combines the modern world of music tech and mythological stories told through the lens of South Asian women.
All of that demonstrates her passion for music and art, together with her professionalism, the combination of which has proven to be a solid ground for success.

Combining real instrumentation (piano/guitar), sampling, and finger drumming, in her new EP Blossom Gnarly sonically portrays complex emotions and creates a beautiful opportunity for the listener to contemplate or simply relax. Her ability to merge dynamic percussion with warm melodicism enhances the storytelling nature of the tracks, offering a real soul-pleasing journey.

Gnarly elaborates, “I had been focused on live performance and finger drumming pre covid but with the pandemic, most of my live shows were cancelled so being at home I wanted to spend some time working on my musicianship and production. That’s why there’s more of a lean towards playing instrumentation rather than just chopping samples as you would normally hear in my finger drumming routines and One Takes series of Albums. The vibe and the sound is still very much me, maybe even more so because I was playing the piano and guitar parts instead of just samples. It’s like super chill hop vibes with a little spice.”