“Omedetou is about celebrating life, I was pretty much in the zone when I was making this.”

Elijah Nang


Elijah Nang

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  • featured on lofi beats, Lo-Fi Cafe, lofi + chill, Chill Beats, lush lofi (Spotify editorials)
  • featured on BEATstrumentals, Bedtime Beats, New in Electronic, Lofi Japan (Apple Music editorials)
  • featured on snooze lofi (Deezer editorial)
  • featured on In The Loop (TIDAL editorial)
  • featured on bandcamp’s homepage New and Notable (for Gaijin 3000)
  • sold out vinyl campaign for Gaijin 3000 via Stereofox Records (in partnership with bandcamp)
  • 25.7k followers Spotify, 21k Instagram
  • author of story/photo book Lost in Japan (3 editions)
  • published photography book
  • featured on more than 1000 independent playlists
  • 1000+ vinyl copies sold on Gaijin 1, 2 and 3000 worldwide
  • radio support confirmed by Jay Carder (SOHO Radio London/New York), Georgie Rogers (BBC Radio 6 / SOHO Radio)
  • written feature support by The New Lofi, XLR8R, Magnetic Mag, The Playground

[ Praise ]

  • “Gaijin 3000 is Elijah’s mission to look beyond the familiar horizon”The New Lofi

Elijah Nang – Omedetou

Release Date : January 23, 2023

[ Genres ]
jazzhop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Tom Doolie, Gnarly, DAO

[ Artist Bio ]
Elijah Nang is a London-based experimental electronic artist who also describes himself as an audio novelist. In his music, you will find a frequent homage to East Asian culture, and his sound crafts a new niche in the jazz / lofi hop-hop genre, a mixture of electronica with Japanese influences, something he often refers to as japtronica.

2022 saw Elijah teaming up with the Stereofox family for the release of his highly acclaimed Gaijin 3000 record. The release included a sold-out vinyl campaign and sleek clothing drop to further enhance the listener’s experience.