Elijah has been a huge inspiration to me so when he reached out, I dropped all my other projects and jumped on this. I think what came of it is a beautifully atmospheric concoction of both our unique styles.


“I’ve been watching Nogymx for a while and I think our sound is quite similar so it made sense for me to reach out and work with him, it could be the beginning of something.

Elijah Nang


Elijah Nang



[ Key Achievements ]

  • Elijah Nang is an audio-novelist & storyteller – author of the story/photo book Lost in Japan (3 editions)
  • 115M streams combined on Spotify
  • Nogymx’s “Swimming Under Stars” (Stereofox Records) was selected #9 of Chillest 100 for 2021 by SBS Australia
  • radio support by Jay Carder (Soho Radio London/NY), Georgie Rogers (BBC Radio 6/Soho Radio), SBS Chill, XLR8R & more
  • Elijah Nang’s self-released Gaijin I album surpassed 21M on Spotify
  • featured on 40+ Spotify editorials altogether including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, lofi cafe & many more.
  • previous Stereofox releases amassed 750K+ on Spotify without editorials & were supported on Apple Music’s Always Sunday, Lofi Japan, New in Electronic & Amazon Music’s Fresh Electronic
  • Gaijin 3000 vinyl (Stereofox Records) was featured on Bandcamp’s homepage
  • featured on 420K+ independent playlists combined

[ Praise ]

  • “an absolutely stunning merging of concept and sound” – XLR8R

Elijah Nang & Nogymx – Shaped by the Sea

Release Date : July 29, 2022

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
j’san, Psalm Trees, Leavv

[ Artists Bio ]
Elijah Nang is a London-based experimental electronic artist who also describes himself as an audio novelist. In his music, you will find a frequent homage to East Asian culture and his sound crafts a new niche in the lofi hop-hop genre, a mixture of electronica with Japanese influences, something he often refers to as Oriental soul.

Nogymx, or Jimmy, is Ireland-born, South Korea-based producer drawn to the Asian sounds & traditional instruments, and the way they blend with chillhop. Koto, Erhu, guitars, piano, and shakers are often the backbone of his music.

[ Release Info ]
A tribute to the calming abilities of the sea.

With a mind-blowing total stream count of 115M & 40+ editorials on Spotify alone and a dozen Apple Music & Amazon Music editorials, Elijah Nang & Nogymx deliver their first ever collaboration.

“Shaped by the Sea” blends gentle strings & keys, mellow drum groove & soothing foley sounds of waves. Enhanced by warm vocal samples, this piece will soothe your every cell. The artwork is a film photograph by Elijah Nang himself.

Elijah & Nogymx’s previous Stereofox releases amassed 750K+ streams without editorials and were supported on Soho Radio, SBS Australia & by numerous curators like Retro Jungle, Hip Dozer, freshgoodies & more.