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When choosing collaborators, you look for sounds and emotions that reflect the ones you want to express at that exact moment. The EP brought together the individual experiences of 4 artists, joining our viewpoints and emotions into singular expressions. We wanted to explore deep, melancholic sounds that create space for reflection and take listeners on emotive journeys to all the places they need to go. The title is derived from the first track that sparked this body of work, “Disappear”. That collaboration allowed me to disappear from situations that had been holding me back and start an entirely new direction.

Chris Savor


Release Schedule: Feb 20th - "Medano" w/ Ollie Heron
Mar 20th - "Fazed" w/ 2FarAway
Apr 4th - Disappear EP
Genres: Electronic

Disappear is a journey of 4 creative minds that aims to explore the depths of melodic dance melancholia.

A project “curated” by Chris Savor, unites a galaxy of talented artists including Ollie Heron, 2FarAway, and Jason Uechi.

The title track “Disappear” was beautifully crafted by UK producer Ollie Heron who was inspired by Savor’s gorgeous vocals and lyrical direction. He aimed to create a deep melancholic soundscape with chill house drums and R&B-inspired chords that add an ethereal and dreamy vibe. Ollie is a talented UK-based producer who has previously worked with labels like Lilly Era and ChillYourMind. On “Disappear”, Savor elaborates, “I wrote the lyrics of the song about needing to escape a negative relationship – one that I had invested so much in but I had to go. I needed to create what my friend calls ‘safe distance’. Ghosting gets a bad rep but sometimes it’s necessary.

One of the most emotional tracks on the EP, “Fazed”, is produced by up-and-coming German producer 2FarAway (Gahara, Spectrum, Soave). With roots in hip-hop beatmaking, Jonas discovered his passion for deep house in 2023. The spacious and emotive instrumental is the perfect stage for an unfortunate experience Chris reflects on, “I was walking down the street in Sardinia when a group of guys drove past and shouted homophobic slurs. As I processed that moment in the days after, I was reminded that they are suffering in hate while I live in peace with who I am. Growing up in a world that isn’t really set up for you, requires you to build resilience and develop a kind of self-speak to guide yourself through these difficult moments. I wanted this song to be one of strength and resistance.

If you end up feeling like standing by the ocean when listening to “Medano”, that’s because Ollie sampled actual ocean waves. This magnificent atmospheric gem is inspired by a moment Chris and his partner shared while traveling. “This track began as a homage to Medano in Tenerife. It is a majestic place with stunning shores, set against the backdrop of the volcano Montana Roja. The happiness and peace I felt in Medano were only possible thanks to my partner. So my homage to Medano included a homage to him.

With a background in classical music, US-born guitarist and composer Jason Uechi is the last, but crucial guest on the journey called Disappear. His soulful playing builds on the raw energy incorporated in “Keep Feeling Like This”. “This track is about struggling with difficult emotions or situations that you don’t know how to escape. It is referencing some frustration I feel towards those in power who could ease a lot of the issues our communities face if they chose to fight for the people.

Grant yourself a few moments of clarity, tranquility, and much-needed escape with this wonderful story shared by artists from around the world.


Chris Savor

Chris Savor, UK-born producer and vocalist. His most notable work was producing tracks for Leave To Remain, a musical by Bloc Party's Kele Okereke that ran at the Lyric Theatre. The pair worked together for 9 months to craft sounds that combined UK dance music with West African highlife. Savor has also produced music for short films, runways, and brands that include DSquared2, Missioni, and Awaytomars.

  • Previously worked with Bloc Party's Kele Okereke
  • Supported on 5k+ independent playlists
  • Produced music for short films, runways, and brands that include DSquared2, Missioni, and Awaytomars
  • Chosen as Future Name of the Week by BBC Introducing
  • Featured on Deezer's UK Electronic editorial
  • Support on SiriusXM Chill Station

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