“Try” is about building a home – together. A place where i can feel safe, especially when the ground is shaking. At home, I can be held by my partner, and both of us can grow.

Danny Kuttner


Release Schedule: Feb 22, 2024
Genres: R&B / Soul

Stereofox Records welcomes another immense jazz/soul talent.

Amsterdam-born, Tel Aviv-raised singer, songwriter & producer Danny Kuttner delivers the elaborate, genre-defying “Try” – a majestic blend of soul, jazz, and indie folk.

“Try” was created after Danny reunited with her boyfriend – a second chance to rebuild a home in a healthier way and give the relationship another try.

The song unfolds with the synergy of a Korg drum machine & an electric guitar, creating a realm where analog & digital sounds seamlessly coexist. As the song progresses, live-recorded percussion layers blend with the lofi beats from the drum machine. Danny’s soft vocals envelop the listener, establishing an intimate musical space. A male vocal emerges in the 2nd half, adding a beautiful touch to the song but also another layer to the storytelling. The melodies feel oddly familiar, close to home but also with an intricate touch that can’t go unnoticed.

She shares, “My songs come alive when people listen with their whole bodies when they feel the energy it can create. That is when music has the capacity to be something bigger than ourselves.”

“Try” is self-produced (with additional production by Oded Distelman & Roee Berezowitz) but in collaboration with a number of talented musicians – Allan Tune (keys & backvocals), Bar Bendek (guitars), Roy Zuzovsky (trumpet), Nir Kleiner (drums), and Yotam Agam (drum machine). Mixed & mastered by Roee Berezowitz.


Danny Kuttner

Danny Kuttner is an Amsterdam-born, Tel Aviv-based singer/songwriter & producer. Her music holds heartfelt storytelling, honey vocals & jazzy, yet electronically-tinged, self-produced instrumentals - resulting in a blend of contemporary jazz, 90s soul & indie folk.

  • Worldwide full-band tour - The Netherlands, Israel, The UK & India
  • Included in Spotify's Next Wave Soul, New Music Friday, Café Chillout
  • Featured on Apple Music's Staying In
  • Supported on Bandcamp Weekly, Soho Radio NY, 88 FM (Israel's 2nd National Radio)
  • Interview for Wonderland Magazine + reviews on Soundazed & more

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