Keep Searching” blends cinematic melancholy with traditional chillhop to deliver an inspiring and contemplative experience. Borrowing from the film music genre with string ostinatos, winds, oboes and glockenspiel while merging together electronic chopped foleys and synths inside a chillhop rythmic package, it takes us onto a multifaceted journey to express the beauty and mystery of the universe. A track for the mind to wander at the possibility of life elsewhere, beyond our own boundaries.”






D0d x Nothingtosay – Keep Searching

Release Date : June 22, 2022

[ Schedule ]
June 22nd – Keep Searching (Single Release)

[ Genres ]
lo-fi, hip-hop, instrumental, beats, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Claptu, Steezy Prime, coldbrew

[ Moods ]

chill, study, relax

[ Artist Bios ]

Dorian Pinto (D0d.) is a composer and producer based in France.

Influenced by his love for cinema, video games, and artists such as Bon Iver, SOHN, Nobuo Uematsu, Joe Hisaishi, Ólafur Arnalds, Son Lux, and Radiohead, he started producing as a pianist and film music composer.

In 2018, he began to expand his music genres with styles ranging from future beats to neo-soul and more recently chill ambient music, with a unique cinematic twist that adds an extra layer of melancholy to his sound.

In 2020, he released “Departure”, his first ambient EP on Memoir Music.
Later that year he worked on the track “For You” as part of Nothingtosay’s collaborative EP “Introspective” released with Lofi Girl.

In 2021, he released “Ambivalence”, his most successful solo release to date reaching 2M streams after “”Shimmer”” released in February of 2022 reached 1.5M streams. He’s been featured numerous times on the Spotify editorial playlist “Lofi Beats” and is now culminating at more than 16M total streams.

With his film music background, D0d. strives to create a unique blend of chillhop music that will appeal to his listeners and original soundtrack enthusiasts.

Nothingtosay is a lofi/chillhop artist from France.
He started producing music in 2017 with various styles such as phonk and hip-hop and transitioned to lofi ambient music. Strongly influenced by artists such as dryhope or quickly,quickly, he released his first single « Inspect » on Lofi Girl that eventually became one of his most successful track to date. In 2021, he also released « Venus » on the Atlantic Records major label.
With a music style both ethereal and enigmatic, Nothingtosay strives to ease the mind of his listeners and keeps his portfolio fresh by crafting vibes of different kinds.

[ Marketing Highlights ]

– Featured on Spotify Editorial playlists, like “LoFi Beats” – 5 times & compiti vibes
– Featured on +8K Independent Playlist Curators
– 890k monthly listeners on Spotify
– 16.5M total streams on Spotify
– 2M total streams on Apple Music
– Featured on 2 Apple Music Editorial playlists – BEATstrumentals, LoFi Chill

[ Behind the Concept ]

D0d. x Nothingtosay is a top-noche-beat collaboration that you can’t miss. The way the two producers combine sounds like cinematic melancholy with classic chillhop is genius, and it delivers to the listener an inspiring and contemplative experience.
The ingredients for this experience are coming from film string ostinatos, with an added flavor of electronic chopped foleys and synths with a flavor of chillhop rhythm. A track for the mind to wander at the possibility of life elsewhere, beyond our own boundaries.

[ Marketing Plan ]

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