“Dougie Do and I have worked together over the years when I would play drums for his group Magna Carda. As time went on, I would then be featured as a producer on some tracks of theirs. ‘Risky Business’ was then born during a period when Dougie Do would come over to my place to co-produce. The end result is an homage to that laid back west coast G Funk sound.



Release Schedule: Jan 11th - "Risky Business"
Genres: Beats, Lofi

Clifford has taken Jazzhop into a spacey, obscure direction on his latest release with Dougie Do “Risky Business”.

In the realm of jazzhop, Houston-based drummer and producer Clifford stands out as a trailblazer both as a solo artist and as a member of the iconic beat trio Slug. His talents go beyond the studio too as he has graced venues like the London’s Roundhouse and Red Rocks Amphitheater, and has had international tours with Heartless Bastards and more. Interestingly enough, his union with his collaborator began when he was playing drums for Dougie’s group Magna Carda, and years later their friendship has also blossomed into creative synergy.

Their newest release together embodies this sentiment. Together they pay homage to that classic West Coast G Funk sound, although with a more laid-back and jazzy twist. Vibrant percussion brings the track to life while lush, atmospheric synths pull the listener into the allure of “Risky Business”.

The experience they’ve created is groovy, bright, and perfect for summer days.



Greg Clifford is an Austin-based producer & drummer, 1/3 of Slug. He’s also part of the Cole Slaw Records team & has collaborated with key Amsterdam musicians like Soul Food Horns, DESH, Louk and many more.

  • Part of beat trio Slug
  • International tours with Heartless Bastards & more, venues like Amsterdam’s Paradiso, London’s Roundhouse, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and LA’s Greek Theater
  • 20+ editorials on Spotify – including Jazz Vibes, lofi beats, Focus Flow & more
  • Featured on Apple’s LoFi Jazz
  • Part of a Miles Davis tribute compilation by DashGo

Dougie Do

Dougie Do is 1/2 of the Texas hip hop outfit Magna Carda. The producer is known for a defying eclectic blend of genres with songs featured on TV shows/movies.

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