Howden and I got together in April of 2022 in between one of my busy touring schedule to work at our buddy’s studio in Bastrop, the same studio that we used for parts of the Glimlip Twelve Chapters album. We spent 2 days there and cranked out 8 projects, 2 which were solo piano pieces by Howden himself. Since I was touring so much during 2022, this was such a nice release to get to work on some original music with one of my close friends in the same studio where we made some great recordings in the past.


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[ Key Achievements ]

  • Howden is part of Soul Food Horns; Clifford is 1/3 of Slug
  • international tours with Heartless Bastards & more, venues like Amsterdam’s Paradiso, London’s Roundhouse, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and LA’s Greek Theater
  • 100 editorials on Spotify – including Jazz Vibes, lofi beats, Focus Flow & more
  • featured on Apple’s LoFi Jazz
  • part of a Miles Davis tribute compilation by DashGo
  • 25М+ streams across DSPs
  • 50K+ independent playlist adds from the likes of The Jazz Hop Cafe, Fantastic Music, Chill Select
  • releases with labels like Retro Jungle, Cole Slaw Records, Etymology
  • collaborations with acts like DESH, Soul Food Horns

Clifford & Holden – Noodle

Release Date : April 21, 2023

[ Genres ]
jazzhop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Soul Food Horns, DESH

[ Release Info ]
With features on dozens of editorials on Spotify (Jazz Vibes, lofi beats, lofi cafe, Smooth Jazz Beats) & Apple (LoFi Jazz), Clifford of Slug & Howden of Soul Food Horns got together for this warm jazz beats gem called “Noodle”.

Recorded in a studio in Bastrop (where Glimlip’s acclaimed Twelve Chapters album was also made), in-between live shows during a busy touring schedule, the song was part of a little oasis of creativity when they could sit down and work on their own music.

[ Artist Bio ]
Greg Clifford is an Austin-based producer & drummer, 1/3 of Slug. He’s also part of the Cole Slaw Records team & have collaborated with key Amsterdam musicians like Soul Food Horns, DESH, etc., resulting in 14M+ streams & 50+ editorials on Spotify & Apple (Jazz Vibes, LoFi Jazz).

Sam Howden is a trumpet player, pianist, and producer based out of Austin, TX. One-fourth of the legendary collective Soul Food Horns and frequent collaborator with the likes of DESH, Slug & more, as well as often featured on Spotify’s Jazz Vibes, lofi beats & Smooth Jazz Beats.