“Falling in or out of love can‘t be fully planned either, nor can love be fully shaped or explained.  Love is true, raw, intimate and all about the present moment.”

claptu & Rudi Montaire



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Rudi Montaire

[ Key Achievements ]

  • featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds GSA (Rudi Montaire), Jazz Vibes, lofi meditation, lofi cafe & lush lofi (Claptu)
  • featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals
  • featured on more than 20k independent playlists combined
  • organizers of lofi beat / singer events in Innsbuck, Austria

Claptu & Rudi Montaire – love sketches

Release Date : October 27, 2022

[ Schedule ]
Sep 15th – all of the time
Oct 10th – you are/love is
Oct 27th – love sketches EP

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, neo-soul, r&b

[ Similar Artists ]
Montell Fish, santpoort, Frank Ocean

[ Artist Bio ]
Claptu is independent singer, songwriter and producer from Innsbruck, Austria. The artist blends the soothing essence of acoustic music with the sensuality of neo-soul and r&b and the laid-back calmness of lofi hip hop and is also releasing voice-driven work as nu Caresss.

“Music has always been like a sanctuary for me – a place where you feel safe / free / connected to yourself & your feelings… understood – a place where you can go to root yourself again when you feel lost but also a place where you can go to spread your wings and fly when you feel grounded, an escape from everything and nothing. That’s why I want to share my music with you – to offer a sanctuary you can go to. “, shares the Claptu.

Rudi Montaire is a fellow Austrian former classical-trained trombone player, self taught-guitarist, bassist & producer who is often collaborating with Claptu. Their song “Asura” has surpassed 1.5M streams and awed listeners from around the globe.

[ Release Info ]
Three intimate songs that encapsulate the inherent, raw, diverse and spontaneous nature of the human experience we call love.

Claptu and Rudi Montaire’s latest release, which features Claptu’s alter-ego nu Caress on vocals, took the principles to fully feel the feels, be in the here and now and apply it to their creative process. Rather than writing lyrics or trying to find a song structure, the two producers just gave in to the fleeting moment, jammed out and recorded raw vocal sketches. This very natural flow of the recording process gives an insight to real intimate moments between two close friends just letting go and processing their emotions through music. Like love itself these moments can not be planned for, they must flow naturally.