Unfold is the natural musical evolution of my 2021 Closure EP. It’s a sonic manifestation of the “one door closes, another one opens” saying.

This is not so much in a musical way but in a personal one. A lot of major things have happened in my life throughout 2021 and early 2022 and for better or worse I had to learn, yet again, to let things go in order to make room for new opportunities to enter.


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[ Key Achievements ]

  • featured on CLASH Magazine on the instrumental scene rise in Bulgaria
  • #1 hypem “Valley of Roses”
  • 2.5M+ streams across digital platforms
  • featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals editorial
  • featured on TIDAL’s Rising Electronic editorial & In The Loop
  • featured on more than 10k independent playlists on Spotify
  • sold out previous Closure EP on vinyl with support by HHV.de and Vinyl Digital in Germany
  • featured on bandcamp’s New and Notable (homepage)
  • featured in Best of Chill list on Qrates Vinyls
  • rotation on SBS Chill (Australian radio), Radio Nula (Slovenia) and Bulgarian National Radio
  • supported by independent curators like Indie Shuffle, Sidekick, The New LoFi, College Music, The Jazzhop Cafe, Chill Beats Music, freshgoodies, Hip Dozer, Thissongissick.com

[ Praise ]

  • “Driven by admiration for one of his biggest influences – J Dilla, Boyan has created via Morning With Her a sonic journey channeling his emotions.”Sidekick Music
  • a weekly fix of incredible music and give artists the opportunity to be free from their musical boundaries” – The New LoFi

Boyan – Unfold EP

Release Date : August 16, 2022
Artist : Boyan

[ Schedule ]
April 25th – “Valley of Roses”
May 23rd – “Passing By”
July 27th – “Under The Sun”
August 25th – Unfold EP

[ Genres ]
electronica, downtempo, progressive house

[ Similar Artists ]
Bonobo, edapollo, Rohne, Mazoulew

[ Artist Bio ]
Hailing from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, Boyan Angelov is one of the driving forces behind the local instrumental scene.

Inspired by soul, funk and future beats music, the producer has over 10 years of experience when it comes to crafting soulful and touching beats. In addition, Boyan is a resident DJ in a few of Sofia’s vibrant clubs like Carousel and Switch. Besides his beat moniker, the artist is part of drum & bass duo LQ whose music got on the radar of the notorious UKF channel in 2018.

Boyan joined the Stereofox label family in 2019 and started solidifying his presence in the international scene with his debut Morning With Her EP. With more than 1.5M streams and sold out debut vinyl campaign worldwide, the producer is entering new uncharted waters.

Today, Boyan opens another chapter in his music book and shares his first electronic-first release.

[ Release Info ]

unfold /ʌnˈfəʊld/

[ to gradually develop or be revealed ]

Boyan is anything, but one-directional. Dwelling in the world of instrumental hip hop, leftfield electronica, soul and hip hop, the producer is on a journey of constant exploration. To explore it often means re-discover familiar grounds, come back to your roots and feel them as your present self, because humans are never constant and who you are today is not who you used to be.

Unfold is Boyan’s journey back home.

“Whilst making Unfold I was reaching for that same feeling, experimenting with sounds, letting myself go with the flow and not question any of the decisions I am making. It is a deeper look into my passion in more of an electronic/soundscape musical picture.”

Artist’s goal with the record is to make listeners feel. Feel anything. Happiness, sadness, excitement, nostalgia.

The foundation which interconnects the 4 tracks in the EP is undoubtedly Boyan’s biggest musical love – the piano. An element that was ever-present is his work as an artist, regardless of the genre. It is the thing that sets the ton, builds the premise and unites deep house, uk garage, electronica and downtempo music with the slight nuances of traditional Bulgarian folklore scattered throughout the whole release. Elements used in a lot of prominent records that came out recently including Bonobo’s Fragments and BICEP’s Isles.

EP’s artwork is based on another Boyan passion – photography. All visual elements are shot by him and are a ever-lasting reminder of his love for Bulgaria’s nature.

“Every picture you see is a photograph I have taken in my travels through Bulgaria, capturing moments I thought are insanely beautiful and soul moving. These also really reflect the music in Unfold, and I think they can serve as a visual compass through the emotions in the songs.”, shares the artist.