“This track came to be when  I recently realised that people can become really obsessed with their everyday troubles, or obsessed with their jobs or even with the need to buy something or go somewhere.  I had such a moment myself and that made me realise that it is vital that we take a step back and just think for a moment what is most important in our lives and look past our egos. And that is why I decided to name the track “Reconnect” because I think we all need a moment to reconnect with what’s truly important – reconnect with our closed ones, reconnect with nature, reconnect with ourselves even but in a true meaningful way!”


Boyan – Reconnect

Release Date : December 10, 2020
Artist : Boyan

Masterful melodic progressions meet carefully crafted organic subtlety: Boyan’s latest single “Reconnect” is an intricate soundscape that breaks away from the world of jazz samples and lowpassed drums. A rich piano dances around a beautifully-paced drum rhythm and a bassline soulful enough to make any session musician go “oooooooh yes”. Within the warm pads that blanket the tune, Boyan places a message of self-reflection and realisation. The epiphany? To stay humble and live every moment as if it is your last.

It is an honour to welcome Boyan back to the label yet again with this beautiful release.