“One day, while working in the studio, Boyan just told me he’ll send me a demo of “My time” if I wanna try out some vocals.  I was kind of on a Jill Scott, Ledisi, Erykah Badu vibe at that time, listening to whole albums, and when I heard the instrumental it came so naturally to lay down the vocals. I think you can sense the influence, but that’s the magic of music, we are all influenced by so many great artists and create our own signature.”

Lina Nikol

Boyan & Lina Nikol – My Time

Release Date : August 5, 2020
Artists : Boyan, Lina Nikol

When Bulgarian producer Boyan was crafting his ultimately chilled all-instrumental EP Colors of Heaven (first single “Morning with Her” out 22 Jul 2020), one track somehow stood out – it felt to him like it could use soulful & emotive vocals.

So, “My Time” became another reason for him to cross paths with our beloved Lina Nikol and it resulted in an absolute r&b masterpiece that deserved to be a standalone single.

Knowing her way around r&b and soul music, she delivers sultry runs on top of this sweeter-than-honey and rich instrumental – all effortlessly blending into a super dreamy summer piece.

Boyan and Lina have a rich background in collaborating – he has also produced a number of her tracks (e.g. “Kolko Malko”). They often say they have a special bond – constantly on the same page and listening to the same artists, which we can absolutely tell by the mesmerizing music they create.