I stumbled on Boyan’s Piano Thoughts EP, man I just loved the jazzy laid back vibes, and not only that I could hear the attention to detail in all of the tunes. It’s one of my favorite things about a great artist, musically enticing but also warrants repeat listens because of all the little production intricacies that you might not have noticed on the first few listens. 

I had been listening to the EP for a few days and the last tune “Legacy (To Georgi)” had slowly become my favorite of the bunch. I wanted to capture and pronounce the dark ethereal vibe that I enjoyed so much but also spin the tune into new territory. I couldn’t have been happier with the final product, I spent so much time working on it and it was nothing short of a journey, I like to think that shows in the final remix.



Boyan – Legacy (Bon-Psy Remix)

Release Date : August 3, 2021
Artists : Bon-Psy, Boyan

Melancholy and dance-friendly are moods that are uncommonly found in the same track, although that is exactly what UK producer Bon-Psy offers us on his interpolation of “Legacy (To Georgi)” – originally by Bulgarian piano whiz Boyan.

The two producers Boyan and Bon-Psy are not only worlds apart when it comes to location, they traverse different realms of genre too as Boyan leans towards soul and jazz-infused chillhop, while Bon-Psy pleasures audiences with forward-thinking electronica.

Through Stereofox Records a connection was established and the result… Bon-Psy transforms the serene and stripped-down composition “Legacy (to Georgi)” by Boyan into an electrifying remix by fleshing it out with glossy electronic textures, while keeping the melancholy of the original. Its Bon-Psy’s garden-fresh sound and his ability to take risks with his music that’s frequently gained him support from the likes of BBC 1Xtra, and his “Legacy” (Remix) is yet another example of him pushing the boundaries of genre.