“The Orange Tape is the second from my beattape series which started with the red tape in 2020. The concept behind it is beats that differ among themselves in styles and genres. Hence the idea of a beattape. Tracks that I have made over the last weeks or months and are too bad to sleep on the hard drive.

The visual concept to give each beattape a certain color. Visually based on the Pantone colors with a stylistic element as an instrument or as in this case a monitor speaker.”

Ben Bada Boom


Ben Bada Boom

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Ben Bada Boom – The Orange Tape

Release Date : October 17, 2022

[ Schedule ]
Sep 15th – Bikini
Oct 17th – The Orange Tape

[ Genres ]
chillhop, jazzhop, lofi hip hop

[ Similar Artists ]
Cloudchord, Ian Ewing, Evil Needle, Cap Kendricks

[ Artist Bio ]
Ben Bada Boom AKA 3B is a Hamburg-based producer and art director. The German producer creative goal has always been to create something new. To surprise listeners with a genre-defying music. Driven by his beat, electronic, jazz and funk roots, Ben is channeling various sounds to create a soul-touching instrumental experience.

His compositions are characterized by an occasional glimpse of 8bit, bossa nova, lofi some 80’s synth work and even Celtic nuances. In all the years he has been active, Ben has remained focused on bringing a new, yet fresh, unheard sound while using many unique and different techniques.

Growing up with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, Ben’s first contact with hip hop music was thanks to his older brother who introduced him to German rap and foreign acts like The Pharcyde. Fascinated by the beats accompanying all these rappers, he quickly turned onto J Dilla and G-funk producers like DJ Battlecat and DJ Quik.

[ Release Info ]

With more than 15 years of production under his belt, Ben has proven that there are no rules when it comes to beatmaking. The goal of the Orange Tape is to show up-and-coming producers one should not fear to experiment. That beats could be crisp, dirty, lofi, groovy and still form a cohesive sound which not only flows, but created varied and rich experiences for the listener.